Saint Paul, Minn. — Two Macalester seniors and one alumna have been awarded Fulbright scholarships for 2021.

Kayla Togneri ’21 received a Research/Study Award to Peru. She will undertake a translational neuroscience research project at Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia in Lima that focuses on unveiling the different correlations between the parasitic infection neurocysticercosis (NCC) and hippocampal sclerosis. “I am very thrilled to have the opportunity to engage in such a unique cultural environment and to improve my Spanish speaking skills,” said Togneri. ”I am also eager to learn about Peru’s history and the effects of neurocysticercosis on the endemic populations.”

Anisha RajBhandary ’21 was awarded an English Teaching Assistant grant to Taiwan. In addition to helping youth develop their skills in English, Anisha hopes to learn more about the geographic, cultural, historical, and social factors influencing Taiwanese identity. “I hope to gain more experience teaching, help inspire youth to learn (whether that be English or about cultures and perspectives beyond their immediate circle), and improve my Mandarin among many other things,” said RajBhandary, who will be teaching in New Taipei City.

Essie Schlotterbeck ’13 received an English Teaching Assistant grant to Spain. They will be teaching at a plurilingual vocational training school in Galicia and are eager to combine their passions for youth work and language learning. “I am also interested in exploring how multilingualism impacts identity development in a region where about half of the residents speak a language other than Castilian,” they said. After the Fulbright, Essie plans to pursue a master’s degree in linguistics.

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May 19 2021

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