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Podcast: Israel's Mizrahim

Frank Adler, Political Science, has researched the role of Israel's Mizrahim, Jews who for millennia were deeply rooted in the region, but were summarily expelled from Arab states after the state of Israel was founded in 1948. Professor Adler examines the "orientalist" discrimination that Mizrahim suffered in Israel, but also raises the possibility that both as Jews and Arabs, the Mizrahim might serve as a bridge to regional reconciliation.

Podcast: Who Should Live and Who Should Die

With the national debate over health care reform at a crossroads, Macalester held an open forum about the issue. Panel Participants included: Jeffrey Kahn, Director, Center for Bioethics, University of Minnesota, Michael Zis, Political Science, Macalester College, Earl Schwartz, Director of the Social Justice Program and Professor of Religion, Hamline University

Podcast: Life Expectancy and Crime

If you thought you wouldn't live very long, what would you do? Senior Jeremy Roth wondered if it would make people more likely to commit a crime. His paper on the subject earned him first place at the Minnesota Economic Association. In this episode he talks about how he came about his conclusion and how it can be applied.

Podcast: Shilad Sen

Professor Shilad Sen knows his way around computer code and the notes of a musical score. This summer he's working on something he calls a poliwiki and in his spare time, playing the saxophone in three jazz bands.

Podcast: What is an XMAC Laboratory

Professor Chad Topaz talks about what happens in the lab, patterns found in nature and how this Harvard scholar came to a liberal arts college.

Water and Power

Roopali Phadke, assistant professor of Environmental Studies, talks about her class Water and Power, the effects of water management on our global environment and where she hopes our society will be in 20 years in that area.

Podcast: State of the Union

Adrienne Christiansen, political science professor and director of the Jan Serie Center for Scholarship and Teaching, gives us her take on President Obama's State of the Union address.

Podcast: Sara Boyer on Daddy Long Legs

Daddy Long Legs: Sara Boyer, Biology, talks about what the daddy long legs can tell us about geological history.

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