Choosing a Bigger Life

Pinpointing that moment when everything changed.

Features and Articles

Market-Savvy Foreign Aid

Mihir Desai ’90 leads a thriving international development consultancy.

Pioneering Preschool

Macalester once had nursery school kids playing and learning at the Miss Stella Wood Center.

Get Set for Generation Z

As Millennials move on, Macalester gets ready to welcome the largest and most diverse cohort of students in its history.

The Next Sound You Hear

Duluth musician Gaelynn Lea Tressler ’06 wins NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest–and the start of a national reputation.

Creating Screen Magic

Hollywood insider Ken LaZebnik ’76 leads a screenwriting program designed to bring more women into the field.

Macalester After Dark

From Summit to St. Clair, the campus was jumping on a warm Friday February night.

Please Bee Friendly

Emily Sylvestre ’16 spent the year researching, building consensus, and crafting a resolution to make Macalester a more bee-friendly place.

Math Takes on Game of Thrones

A capstone mathematical analysis of Game of Thrones grabbed worldwide attention.

Vietnam War, Revisited

A campus symposium looks back on the ’60s peace movement.

Tales of a Baby Dinosaur

Groundbreaking research on baby dinosaur bones tells us about the early life of giant sauropods who walked the earth 67 million years ago.

Making Math Beautiful

Applied mathematician and professional sculptor George Hart helped Macalester see the beauty in mathematical thinking.

Two Macalester Seniors Receive Watson Fellowships

The fellowship, a one-year grant for international exploration, independent study and travel outside of the United States, is awarded annually.

Global Citizenship Photography Contest Winners 2016