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Seeking Treatment for a Progressive Lung Disease

Supported by the Academic Health Sciences Summer Research Program, Aidan Tirpack researched a progressive and fatal lung-scarring disease.

Long-term Research into Immune Response

Rohit Kamath is part of a long-term immunology project in Professor Devavani Chatterjea's lab. His summer research was supported by a Professor Jan Serie Research Fellowship.

Fish, Crocodiles, and Dinosaurs

Max Deckman '19 went to Montana to collect microfossils--but that wasn't all he found.

International Investigative Journalist

Celia Heudebourg '18 shares the highlights of her student journalism career––from the Mac Weekly to the New York Times.

Seeking a Better LED

In the Professor James Heyman's lab, Dona Pantova researched a new material for LEDs for tech firm Lightwave Photonics.

Inspired by Research

As an HHMI Young Researcher, Melissa Kingue '20 learned her way around two labs--developmental biology and immunology.

The Infinite Variety of Internships

College in a first-rate city means endless opportunities for meaningful internships.

Live It: Women Farmers in India

For her Live It Fund project, Preeta Raghunathan ’19 combined her passions for agriculture and entrepreneurship.

How Brains Learn Shapes

Ilse Dippenaar ’18 conducted research at a neuroscience research center at the University of Minnesota–and in local coffee shops.

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The Macalester College Theatre and Dance Department presents Dirk (and others still with us)

There are only two performances, Friday, March 23 and Saturday, March 24, both at 7:30 p.m. Performance is off campus at: Dreamland Arts LLC, 677 Hamline Ave. No., St. Paul, Minn.

Fred Swaniker, Founder of African Leadership University, to speak at Macalester Commencement

Commencement will be held at 1:30 p.m., Saturday, May 12, at the college.

Macalester Professor Discovers Parasites Plagued Dinosaur-Dominated Ecosystems

Fossils collected from the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument in Montana provided a rare opportunity to track parasite infestation.

The Inaugural Lecture of Sarah West as the G. Theodore Mitau Professor of Economics

An award-winning teacher, West has supervised many prize-winning honors theses and has co-authored publications with Macalester undergraduates.

Macalester College Among Peace Corps’ 2018 Top Volunteer-Producing Colleges & Universities

Since 1961, 381 alumni from Macalester have traveled abroad to serve as volunteers.

Modern Dickinson Concert Thursday, February 22

This concert is free and open to the public.

Macalester alumnus Kofi Annan returns to Macalester for Institute renaming in his honor

Annan, a member of the Macalester class of 1961, will be visiting the campus in May.

The 19th Annual American Studies Conference with Associate Professor Yuichiro Onishi

The conference will take place at 7 p.m., Thursday, February 22, in the Campus Center's John B. Davis Lecture Hall

Three Macalester Faculty Members Receive Tenure

Macalester College has granted tenure status to the following three faculty members: Lesley Lavery, Political Science, Michael McGaghie, Music, and Kari Shepherdson-Scott, Art History.