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Start-up Life: Meet Four MacNest Interns

These entrepreneurial MacNest interns spent their summer embedded at fast-paced start-ups and nonprofits across the Twin Cities.

Making “Organic Metals”

Fernando Marquez's chemistry research seeks to replace toxic metals in electronics.

Seeking Treatment for a Progressive Lung Disease

Supported by the Academic Health Sciences Summer Research Program, Aidan Tirpack researched a progressive and fatal lung-scarring disease.

Long-term Research into Immune Response

Rohit Kamath is part of a long-term immunology project in Professor Devavani Chatterjea's lab. His summer research was supported by a Professor Jan Serie Research Fellowship.

Fish, Crocodiles, and Dinosaurs

Max Deckman '19 went to Montana to collect microfossils--but that wasn't all he found.

International Investigative Journalist

Celia Heudebourg '18 shares the highlights of her student journalism career––from the Mac Weekly to the New York Times.

Seeking a Better LED

In the Professor James Heyman's lab, Dona Pantova researched a new material for LEDs for tech firm Lightwave Photonics.

Inspired by Research

As an HHMI Young Researcher, Melissa Kingue '20 learned her way around two labs--developmental biology and immunology.

The Infinite Variety of Internships

College in a first-rate city means endless opportunities for meaningful internships.

Alumni News

The Macalester Moment

This targeted fundraising campaign builds on the access and excellence that define Macalester’s foundation.

Start-up Life: Meet Four MacNest Interns

These entrepreneurial MacNest interns spent their summer embedded at fast-paced start-ups and nonprofits across the Twin Cities.

Alum Leads Men’s Hoops

Now the youngest head coach in the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC), Abe Woldeslassie ’08 will hit the recruiting trail this summer to build his first class of student-athletes.

Alumni Award Winners

Around the world, Mac alumni reach out, speak up, build bridges, and solve challenges. Alumni Awards—presented each year at Reunion by Mac’s Alumni Board—honor those who exemplify that spirit.

Lecture Notes: Philosophy of Technology

Philosophy professor Diane Michelfelder considers how we shape technology—and how technology shapes us.

Intergenerational Learning

Anthropology professor Dianna Shandy asked her students to partner up for a semester-long assignment—not with one another, but with women 80–95 years old.

Global Citizens

Three seniors—Kevin Xiong, Tasneem Issa, and Miranda Harris— received the college’s Global Citizenship Student Award this spring

Kofi Annan and Brian Rosenberg in Conversation

During his recent campus visit, Kofi Annan ’61 reflected on current global challenges, leadership, and his own journey.

A Slice of Olin-Rice

All summer, Mac’s science center bustled as professors and students dug into collaborative research.

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College Newswire

Mahmoud El-Kati Distinguished Lectureship with Dr. Marc Lamont Hill

This year is with Dr. Marc Lamont Hill

Macalester Launches $100 Million Fundraising Campaign to Invest in Access and Excellence

The campaign priorities reflect the college’s strategic plan and include: The Macalester Fund, Financial Aid, Faculty and Academic Support, and Program Support.

“U.S.-Cuban Relations, Past, Present and Desired Future”–October 22

Miguel Fraga, the first Secretary of the Cuban Embassy in Washington, D.C., will talk on Monday, October 22, in Olin-Rice 250.

“Minding the Wild: An Evening of Poetry and Discussion” with Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Gary Snyder

The 2018 Engel-Morgan-Jardetzky Distinguished Lecture on Science, Culture and Ethics – Wednesday October 17

The 2018 International Roundtable: October 11–13

Macalester College presents its 25th annual International Roundtable with the theme, “Beyond Blood and Skin: The Global Production and Consequences of Race and Racisms”

Inaugural Lecture of R. Brooke Lea as DeWitt Wallace Professor of Psychology

The talk is titled, “The Red Wheelbarrow: An English Major’s Trip from Poetry to Psycholinguistics and Back.”

Nine tenure-track professors join Macalester faculty this fall

The new tenure-track faculty members are: Matthew Burgess, English, Brianna Heggeseth, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science, Mary Heskel, Biology, Morgan Jerald, Psychology, Abigail Marsh, Lauren Milne, and Leslie Myint, all Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science, Robin Shields-Cutler, Biology, and Morgan Sleeper ‘11,

Claudia Rankine to speak at First Thursday

First Thursday is 11:30 a.m., September 6, 2018, in the Leonard Center’s Alumni Gymnasium.

Macalester student awarded Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship to Study Abroad

Marie Crane ’20, from Tunis, Tunisia, is one of 835 American undergraduate students from 310 colleges and universities across the United States selected to receive the scholarship to study or intern abroad during the fall of 2018 or the 2018-2019 academic year.