October, 2014

Lab Research

Chemistry major Brian Carr enjoyed both the individual attention at Macalester and the experience of a research university lab.

Fighting Viruses

Biology major Antsa Randriamihaja was awarded two fellowships, which supported her lab research and an independent project in Madagascar.

Research at 15,000 Feet

Alia Payne ’15 studied the effects of climate change on glaciers high in the Peruvian Andes.

Suicide Prevention Study

At the Minnesota Dept. of Health, Alese Halvorson ’15 contributed her statistical expertise to save lives.

O-Chem Research, Two Views

Sometimes the most demanding subjects are the ones you can’t let go of.

Theatre and Dance and Music Departments Present “The Cradle Will Rock” November 6-8

"The Cradle Will Rock" is a collaboration between the Theatre and Dance Department and the Music Department; its cast of 28 makes it one of the largest Mainstage productions of recent years.

Transnational Adoption

A Macalester class spurred Grace Newton ’16 to ask new questions about being uprooted from her homeland.

First-Year Courses

New Mac students learn about a subject while learning about college.

Macalester awarded Career Ready Internship grant from Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corp.

The Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation has awarded Macalester College a Career Ready Internship grant for the 2014-2015 academic year in the amount of $60,022. The corporation awarded a total of $5.2 million in new grants to Macalester and 39 other colleges and universities in Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin allowing students with financial need to reap the educational and career-boosting benefits of paid internships.

Mac Chemistry #1

The Chemistry Department is #1 per capita in NSF grants for undergraduate research among its 40 peer colleges.

Global Movements

21st annual Macalester International Roundtable focuses on human migration.

September, 2014

Climate March

New Music Series Presents Music from Copland House

The acclaimed resident ensemble at Aaron Copland’s National Historic Landmark home in New York, has come to occupy a special place on the U.S. musical scene as perhaps this country’s only wide-ranging American repertory ensemble.

Macalester’s 21st Annual International Roundtable: “Migration” Oct. 8-11

The 2014 Macalester International Roundtable (IRT) will examine human MIGRATION as a dynamic and powerful social force shaping societies, past and present.

Summer Fellowships

Each summer Mac students land fellowships, locally and around the world.

Happy Talk

Convocation speaker and happiness researcher Dan Gilbert visits a Mac psychology class.

Profs’ Summer Reading

Following Stolen Art

Students in classics professor Vanessa Rousseau’s course made their own contributions to fight the underground market for stolen art.

Three Macalester students receive Amy Ostermeier Human Rights Fellowships

The fellowship is designed to support students who secure internships at human rights organizations.

Three Macalester students receive Spradley Summer Fellowships

Because of the scholarship, the students were able to travel to South Africa, Senegal, and Rwanda.

Polyglot Grad

Jane Berdysheva ’14 comes alive when conversing in one of her seven languages.

Two Tenure-Track Professors Join Macalester

How did Macalester prepare me for my job? Oh, let me count the ways.

Kalie Caetano '13 writes about her job as Digital Media Specialist at Stanford University Press

Alumni Anthro Authors

Many contributors to an important cultural anthropology reader are graduates of the Macalester department.

ABC News

Anja Crowder ’13 landed her dream job working on This Week with George Stephanopoulos.

August, 2014

Symposium features keynote speaker Annette Blum, faculty, film screening and roundtable discussions

Other People's Money

Winter Warrior

Helping Families Succeed

Staff Attachments

Ansel Adams Authority

Turn and Face the Strange*


Long a hidden population at Macalester, first-generation college students are declaring themselves and supporting each other as never before.

Storytelling Career

Recent grad works for The Moth in Manhattan.

Living on Campus

Advice from current students on what you need to live at Macalester.

Visualizing Swarm Theory

Karina Li '14 worked with Prof. Chad Topaz to create art that is a visual expression of swarm theory.

Author Daniel Gilbert to Speak at Opening Convocation Sept. 4

Author Daniel Gilbert, bestselling author of Stumbling on Happiness and professor of psychology at Harvard University, will speak at Macalester’s opening convocation at 11:30 a.m., Thu., Sept. 4, in the Alumni Gymnasium in the Leonard Center. The topic of his talk is “Stumbling on Happiness.”

Mapping Gardens

Paige Moody ’16 used GIS and statistics skills to develop interactive maps of gardens and local food sources.

Congressional Intern

In Congressman Ellison’s district office, Jordan Lim ’15 learned firsthand about government and helping constituents.

Going Global

Professor Vélez bridges eras and continents to stretch the minds of Mac students.

July, 2014

June, 2014