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Lowe Lecture with Martha Nussbaum

Prof. Martha Nussbaum’s talk, "Creating Capabilities: The Human Development Approach," will investigate a new theoretical approach: the "capabilities" or "human development" method, discussing reasons for preferring it to standard approaches and looking at debates it has engendered about cultural pluralism and universality. The Lowe Lectureship at at Macalester College was established in honor of Arnold H. Lowe, former pastor of the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Minneapolis former President of the Macalester Board of Trustees.

Professors Moe and Aanonsen Named to Endowed Chairs

President Brian Rosenberg and Provost Kathleen Murray are pleased to announce that Professor Karine Moe will hold the F.R. Bigelow Endowed Chair in Economics and Professor Lin Aanonsen will hold the O.T. Walter Endowed Professorship in Biology.

Macalester's 17th Annual International Roundtable

Macalester College presents its 17th annual International Roundtable titled, “My Sister's and Brother's Keeper? Human Rights in the Era of Globalization,” Thu. - Sat., Oct. 7 - 9, 2010, in the Ruth Stricker Dayton Campus Center, John B. Davis Lecture Hall, 1600 Grand Ave., St. Paul, Minn.

Macalester College Presents So Percussion on October 8

Since coming together at the Yale School of Music in 1999, So Percussion, has been creating music that explores all the extremes of emotion and musical possibility. They will perform Friday, October 8 at 8 p.m. in Macalester College’s Janet Wallace Fine Arts Center Concert Hall, 1600 Grand Ave., St. Paul, Minn.

El-Kati Distinguished Lectureship in American Studies Presents a Talk by Harry J. Elam, Jr

The El-Kati Distinguished Lectureship in American Studies presents a talk by Stanford University’s Harry J. Elam, Jr. The lectureship, established by Macalester alumni Dr. Stanley M. Berry ’75 and Bertram M. Days ’74 along with Ava B. Days, honors Macalester Prof. Mahmoud El-Kati’s career (1970-2003) as a lecturer, writer and commentator on the African American experience.

Sylvia Forman Prize Awarded to Recent Macalester Graduate

MaryBeth Grewe ’10 received this award for a paper that was inspired by her study abroad experience and developed during the Anthropology Senior Capstone Seminar, taught by Anthropology Professor Dianna Shandy. more

Dr. Paul Farmer to Receive Honorary Degree from Macalester College

Physician and medical anthropologist Paul Farmer will receive an honorary degree from Macalester College on Tue., Sept. 14, 2010. He is also speaking to the campus community at opening convocation that day.

Reducing the Achievement Gap

Macalester College’s Center for School Change is one of the key partners in a new, five-year, $3 million federally-funded project designed to help produce significant improvements in several St. Paul district and charter public schools.

Taking on the Gulf Oil Disaster

John Simkins ’08 Galesburg, Illinois; now living in Manhattan Environmental Studies, concentration in Economics On the scene: Cleanup of the Gulf oil disaster that resulted from the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon. Simkins worked for EMR, Incorporated, an environmental company based in Lawrence, Kansas.

Banking on Experience

Course concepts quickly become the realities of daily life when, like three Mac seniors, you are investment banking interns in New York. more

In the Philippines

Two months ago, I completed my study abroad in Nanjing, China. Since then, I have spent time in the Philippines working on an island where the most important industry is sugarcane and sugar. I have been volunteering on a small farm.

Swarming Locusts

This summer two students worked in the lab of Professor Chad Topaz. Swarms can have ecological, environmental and even economic impacts. more

Major Metro Perks

I’m not really sure how I ended up in Minnesota, it all happened so fast. One minute I was stressing out over college applications, and the next I had signed up for a four-year excursion in a part of the country that I knew next to nothing about. The Twin Cities were pretty much a mystery to me, but coming from New York, I figured that any city would be better than going to school in the middle of nowhere.

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Think Location

Macalester's location—minutes from downtown St. Paul and Minneapolis—offers students a wealth of opportunities. more

Astronomy Professor John Cannon

Astronomy Professor John Cannon

Species Defender

Some harm attributed to non-native species has been exaggerated, according to Professor Mark Davis, who questions the scientific basis of some of these claims. more

Soham Banerji '10

Soham Banerji '10 was one of 50 student micro-finance leaders chosen from around the world to attend the Africa-Middle East Micro-Credit Summit in Kenya. more

Media Man

Despite the precarious state of mainstream media, Peter Wright ’11 pursued a journalism career through multiple internships. more

Theater in the Cities

I came to Macalester never having been to Minnesota. When I arrived, I was surprised by an orientation experience called “Into the Streets,” in which members of each first-year course go into the Twin Cities community to see how their course topic connects to the Cities. My class, “Theatre and Performance in the Twin Cities,” visited a handful of the numerous theaters here. We met the owners—and often the directors and actors— of these places and learned about volunteer and internship opportunities.

Million Dollar Men

Professors Dan Hornbach and Tom Varberg have received grants exceeding $2.5 million, all benefitting students.

That's the Mac Community

Katie Soo writes about one day at Macalester.

Jillian Scudder '09

Graduate program: Astronomy, University of Victoria, British Columbia

Social Media Research

Isaac Sparling works with Professor Shilad Sen on Poliwiki, a web site that allows for social interactions about politics.

Kid Wrangler

Hopi Costello's '10 unique work-study takes her off campus to a nearby school. Read the article

A New Vision for the Fine Arts

Our music building will be renovated beginning in January 2011.

WE International

Mac student co-founded an NGO that addresses poverty in the Philippines. more

The Artist's Lens

Student Bimbola Akinbola '11 helped her art professor create an art history textbook.

Charles Vang '10 Future Doctor

Charles Vang '10 wants to become a family doctor in his hometown neighborhood in Minneapolis.

In the Lab of Professor Chatterjea

Professor Chatterjea is preparing students to make tomorrow's breakthrough discoveries. more

City Pix

Emily Cox '10 worked with noted Twin Cities photographer Wing Young Huie on a public art project in St. Paul. more

Fossil Library

Student Brad Andres says, "Dinosaurs are my passion, plain and simple." He set up Macalester's histology lab and finds that studying fossils gives us insight into modern animals.

Civil Rights Radio Hour

The popular NPR show This American Life served as the model for a semester-long radio project created by the students.

Notes From Nicaragua

Jennifer Wichmann '06 serves as an English teaching volunteer in the Peace Corps. more

Disability Advocate

Student Kaitlin Roh '12 worked at PACER Center, which helps families who have children with disabilities. Read the article

In Nicaragua

Marichel Mejia '11 recounts her study abroad experience in Nicaragua. more

Macalester Professor Awarded $250K NSF Grant to Study Biological Swarming

Dr. Chad Topaz, associate professor in the Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science Department at Macalester College, has been awarded a three-year, $250,000 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to study biological swarming and chemical pattern formation. The project will provide research experience to 12 Macalester undergraduates who will collaborate with Topaz and with each other.

New Associate Director Named at Macalester's Center for School Change

Sonal Desai-Redd, an expert at working with students, faculty and families, has been selected as the new Associate Director of the Center for School Change (CSC) at Macalester College. Joe Nathan, CSC director announced the selection after a search that drew several dozen applications from eight states and two countries.

Macalester Professor Awarded $1.2M NSF Grant to Study Tags

Dr. Shilad Sen, assistant professor in the Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science Department at Macalester College, has been awarded a four-year, $1.2M grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to study tags, or words that people use to describe videos, photographs and web pages online. The grant will lay the groundwork for research collaboration between Macalester College and the University of Minnesota. Macalester’s portion of the grant is about $250,000.

Andrew Ver Steegh '09 has been awarded a Fulbright U.S. Student Program Scholarship to Egypt

Andrew Ver Steegh ’09 of Mahtomedi, Minn., has been awarded a Fulbright U.S. Student Program scholarship to Egypt. Ver Steegh also received a critical language enhancement award to study Arabic.

Mayo Magic

Nause tries to qualify for men's senior open

Martha Nause, Macalester College's men's and women's golf coach, tried to make history yesterday by becoming the first woman to qualify for the Men's U.S. Senior Open.

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