March, 2016

February, 2016

Green Architecture Intern

When David Weiss interned with Locus Architecture, he saw how concepts from his environmental studies classes were applied in construction and remodeling.

The Inaugural Lecture of Daniel J. Hornbach as John S. Holl Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies

Human Rights Path

Zoe Bowman '16 explains how she chose a human rights concentration.

Coderoni and Kingdom Roots Take First

Student teams Coderoni and Kingdom Roots took first place at Macalester's two 24-hour competitions.

Early Editor

Evelyn Pugh ’19 was one of ten high schoolers who put together The Best American Nonrequired Reading of 2015.

Macalester is a top producer of U.S. Fulbright Students and Scholars

Excavating Community Knowledge

An educational studies professor empowers young people of color by making them researchers.

Thirty-fifth Annual G. Theodore Mitau Endowed Lecture with Prof. Ian F. Haney López

At the Movies

First-year course Film Analysis is a compelling mixture of theory and viewing.

Macalester holds fourth Macathon and first Funkathon ~ Feb. 19 - 20

When in Rome

Textbooks came alive for students who spent two weeks in January exploring Rome’s art, architecture, and history.

Consuelo Gutierrez-Crosby Recognized as National Bonner Fellow by the Bonner Foundation

Research and Teaching Labs

Students work in state-of-the art labs in the Oline Rice Science Center, with impressive equipment.

Slave Trade History

Students in Professor Linda Sturtz’s Transatlantic Slave Trade course read narratives written by former slaves and created maps to tell their stories.

Apprentice Artists

Internships in the arts have helped three students realize that one can build a career in the art world.

Macalester Sociology Major Awarded Third Prize in Midwest Sociological Society Paper Competitions

Macalester student selected as a 2016 Frank Karel Fellow

Macalester Student to present at Human Development Conference

Macks' thesis, titled “Adapting to Urbanization: Internal Indigenous Migration in Chapod, Chile,” explores the impacts and pressures of modernization and urbanization on the rural Mapuche community of Chapod in southern Chile.

Macalester grants tenure status to three faculty members

Football Analytics

Using analytics, a Macalester economics major is at the forefront of a major shift in how a football game unfolds.

January, 2016

The Macalester College Theatre and Dance Department presents The Clean House by Sarah Ruhl

Analyst Interns

If you are a student with a gift for analysis, there are a wide variety of internship opportunities in the Twin Cities.

Writing Advice from Marlon James

Man Booker prize winner and professor Marlon James asks young writers, "Couldn’t you have just said, 'said?'"

Happy Soccer Story

The men's soccer team's 2015 season went down as one of the best in the program's history.

Mac's Newest Trustees

Late Night Vinyl

Three times a semester, music professor Mark Mandarano invites students to listen to albums together.

Recipe For Success

An idea that began during a summer entrepreneurial program now facilitates meal-shares between students all semester long.

Repeat RAs

Two seniors reflect on spending three years as RAs.

Music and Freedom

A first-year class connects philosophy, politics, and history with music ranging from Mozart to Mingus.

Back to the Classroom

For the first time since becoming president of Macalester, Brian Rosenberg returned to the classroom to team-teach a seminar.

The Hammer

Paula Maccabee ’77 has made a big difference as a Minnesota public interest attorney.

Worldwide Radio

This Mac grad used her Watson fellowship to explore community radio across the globe.

Conversation Starter

Working with cops and the community, police liaison Isela Xitlali Gómez ’13 wants every voice to be heard.

Fighting Famine

Development economist Mushfiq Mobarak ’97 works around the world to curb hunger.

Geologist Shaper

Geology professor Ray Rogers has trained a nationwide network of colleagues.

Hello, My Name Is...

On the endlessly fraught decision of choosing a surname.

Banishing Night Terrors

Student entrepreneur Tyler Skluzacek ’16 finds success with an app inspired by his war vet father.

Macalester professor receives Frederick Burkhardt Residential Fellowship for Recently Tenured Scholars

His project is titled, Equator Imagined: Commemorating Geodesic Science in the Andes.

Macalester New Music Series Presents ICE Ensemble

Young Alumni Entrepreneurs

Young alumni create new enterprises by combining ideas, initiative, and determination.

The Inaugural Lecture of Karen Saxe as DeWitt Wallace Professor of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science

Macalester’s DeWitt Wallace Library receives the Excellence in Academic Library Award for 2016

A Computer Science Sabbatical

Professor Shilad Sen’s sabbatical resulted in grant funding and knowledge that will benefit students.

Literary Publishing

From manuscript to finished paperback, students in a hands-on English course work their way through the publishing process.

Taking off with Sun Country

Mutaz Alnaas ’17 used his work in math and economics during an internship with the airline industry.