November, 2015

Off to Brazil

Colin Jarvis '13 prepares for his Fulbright year in Brazil.

Macalester professor named 2015-16 Executive Leadership Fellow at the U of M’s Center for Integrative Leadership

Bee Guts

Katherine Lane went to Switzerland to study the bacteria in honey bee guts and their roles in honey bee health and biology.

Astronomy Intern

Asra Nizami ’16 (Karachi, Pakistan) interned with the Space Telescope Science Institute, an affiliate of NASA.

Desert Run

Ben Bartenstein ’16 (Hingham, Wis.) studied abroad in Morocco last spring through the SIT program Field Studies in Journalism and New Media.

Bee Bacteria to Galaxies

Over 80 Macalester students in the hard sciences, environmental studies, and math, statistics and computer science gained valuable hands-on summer research experience through internships.

Goats and Garlic Mustard

Macalester biology students lived and worked at Ordway Field Station this summer, conducting research on plant nutrition, trees, ovenbirds, and garlic mustard.

Road Warrior

Affordable Internships

The Book of [for] Profits

Leading the Loft

Reimagining Portraits

For a photography class, Alexandra Greenler ‘15 re-created pictures of Macalester female students of yesteryear.

Building Leaders

An affinity for hands-on, project-based learning took Max Cady '10 to the rainforest outside Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

A Choral Journey

Economic Consultant

Ha Song Pham ’15 discovered an affinity for data and learned how to make them reveal their truths.

Federal Reserve Internship

Jonathan Van Arneman ‘16 interned at the Fed in Minneapolis and discovered his strengths.

Biochem Fights Alzheimer's

Nicole Mandel worked on purifying a protein that helps regulate copper in the body.

How Voters Act

In Political Psychology of Mass Behavior, students explore voter actions through multiple academic disciplines.

October, 2015

Three Macalester alumni become Trustees

High Anxiety

Lesson Plan

Gov. Dayton declares Wed., Oct. 28, 2015, "Marlon James Day"

Sustainability for Global Citizenship

Students combined class time with a paid summer practicum as teams developed sustainability projects with community organizations.

Working Wall Street

An Investment Banking course connected Kunal Chauhan ’15 to a Mac alum, whose mentorship helped him land a job on Wall Street.

Front of the Classroom

Lucy Short ’15 teaches 10th grade Honors World Literature as part of the Master of Arts in Teaching program at Brown University.

Software Engineer

Sam Naden ’15 landed a job as a software engineer with Thomson Reuters, a multinational mass media and information firm.

Macalester Theatre and Dance Department Presents Shakespeare's As You Like It

Moral Psychology

How do we make moral judgments about our own and others’ behavior?

Macalester professor receives Profiles in Courage Award from the Minnesota Association of Black Lawyers

Tackling TB

Mariah Carray ’16 traveled to Ghana to help develop social protection programs for tuberculosis patients.

Macalester professor Marlon James wins the Man Booker Prize for his novel “A Brief History of Seven Killings”

Macalester professor Marlon James has won the Man Booker Prize for Fiction, considered the most prestigious prize in literature, for his book A Brief History of Seven Killings. James is the first writer from Jamaica to win in the prize's 47-year history.

Brief History

English Professor Marlon James has won the 2015 Man Booker Prize for Fiction.

Big Data and Public Health

As a data scientist at the Minnesota Department of Health, Akanksha Dua contributed to a healthier Minnesota.

Research Opportunities with Alumni in Science

Science alumni bring qualified Mac students into their labs for outstanding summer research opportunities.

Multicultural Courses

Multiculturalism has long been among Macalester’s chief values and academic requirements.

Crafts of Writing: Poetry Field Trip

Students camped with Professor Wang Ping for their poetry writing course.

Alexie, Hershon Joke and Jive with a Full House

Macalester welcomed award-winning poets Sherman Alexie and Robert Hershon for a reading in Kagin’s Alexander G. Hill Ballroom.

Top Prize for PTSD App

Tyler Skluzacek’s team took top prize at HackDC, a 36-hour coding competition dedicated to addressing PTSD.

Educational Equity

Ruthanne Kurth-Schai explains the difficulties of creating educational equity—the topic of this year's 22nd Annual International Roundtable.

Laverne Cox event for Oct. 13 has been canceled

September, 2015

Two French professors receive the prestigious “Palmes Académiques”

When Fireflies Flash Together

Esha Datta and her team employed a new field of applied mathematics to explore how similar oscillators—like fireflies—synchronize.

Regenerative Medicine

Zahrah Abdul-Shakur and Samia Habli stretched their previous research skills and developed new ones through Minnesota’s Regenerative Medicine Internship Program.

Seeing What’s Never Been Seen

Alex Gordon observed and analyzed dwarf galaxies with the help of the Hubble and other powerful telescopes.

At Home in the Himalayas

Mark McCrae-Hokenson ’15, Milan, Michigan (Religious Studies) studied in Bhutan

Russian Art Intern

An internship at the Museum of Russian Art furthered Joshua Sosa’s understanding of Russian history while offering leadership experience.

Macalester Theatre and Dance Department presents Carson Kreitzer’s green: an elegy to summer, October 1-4 and 8-10 at several campus locations

Homelessness & Health

Chidyaonga Shalita found community-based research with the homeless to be a powerful complement to laboratory research.

What Mussels Tell

Geology major Molly Guiney snorkeled in Minnesota rivers in pursuit of Plain Pocketbooks and White Heelsplitters—mussels that are indicators of river health.

Smoking-Related Tumors

Working under Macalester alumna Lisa Peterson, Tia Eskridge investigated the chemicals involved in smoking.