September, 2015

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Narrative Journalism

Public radio host and editor Stephen Smith ’82 shares his 30+ years of journalism experience by teaching Macalester students.

Incredibly International

In Café Mac, students from Ramallah to Harare sit down to lunch together.

Eleven tenure-track professors and one tenured professor join Macalester faculty this fall

Macalester announces new Data Science minor

Yale professor James Forman Jr. First Thursday - Opening Convocation speaker

Intern at the Embassy

Jacob Phillips ’16 interned at the Embassy of Jamaica in Washington, D.C.

State Department Internship

Emily Muscat ’16 interned at the U.S. Department of State.

Macalester geography professor part of team who has received a $480K NSF grant for collaborative research in Africa

Macalester geography professor William Moseley is part of a research team of five people who have received a five-year, $480K grant

Archival Object: Medieval Texts

Big Finnish

What Now, Class of 2015?

Donna Lee, Mac's New VP for Student Affairs

Through the Doorway of Africa

Cara Haberman ’06 and Jed Fix ’05 take on new roles when their jobs lead to an adventure in reality TV.

The Reel Deal

Brian Miller ’02 has followed his passion for Irish traditional music around the world and all the way back home.

Our Man in Zambia

Eric Schultz ’82, America’s new ambassador to Zambia, has been winning hearts and minds through nearly three decades of foreign service.

Interfaith Internship

As an intern with the Minnesota Council of Churches, Chanen Hanson ’16 organized a Ramadan dialogue series with 18 mosques and over 500 participants.

2015 Macalester alumna receives Undergraduate Essay Award from the Association of Africanist Anthropology

2015 Macalester alumna receives Undergraduate Essay Award from the Association of Africanist Anthropology

Made for TV

How Sonia Kharkar ’08 turned a childhood passion for sitcoms into a Hollywood career.

Moats and Bridges

Grandstand - Location, Location, Location

Your Tough Questions Answered

Macalester’s campus experts weigh in on some of today’s greatest challenges.

Macalester’s Coolest Classes

Combing today’s course catalogue for classes may make alumni wish they could be students all over again.

Goats and Garlic Mustard

Macalester biology students lived and worked at Ordway Field Station this summer, conducting research on plant nutrition and more.

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