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American Studies Halloween

International Roundtable 2012

The seats were full as speakers from ag businesses and international scholars discussed the future of food.

African Odyssey

Hannah Warman ‘13 spent the summer in Rwanda as a student researcher.

Mapping Patagonia

A geography degree, a facility with Spanish, and photography skills have landed Ross Donihue ’11 a National Geographic Young Explorers Grant.

Pumpkin Painting

Presidential Debate Screening Fall 2012

Cone of Light

Students experiment with the film "Line Describing a Cone."

MAC in the City 2012

View photos from MAC in the City 2012, an annual worldwide, multi-city alumni event.

Summer Science

Petting Zoo, Fall 2012

Music in Milan

Nicole Depolo '13 says, "Studying abroad makes you step out of yourself and your place of origin to better understand all that you previously failed to question."

Sing Protest, Sing Peace

Latino Poetry Now Reading Fall 2012

Macalester College welcomed gifted and dynamic Latino poets, Rigoberto Gonzalez, Xochiquetzal Candelaria, and Lorena Duarte, who read from their work.

Team Macalester

On September 29 nearly 90 students, staff, faculty members, and alumni participated in the Big Gay Race along the riverfront in downtown Minneapolis.

Live It Fund Presentations Fall 2012

Carne Asada Fall 2012

Mesa Chill Out Fall 2012

Geology Field Trip to Iowa

A dozen geology students dug up thousands of Devonian era fossils—and made an especially exciting find.

Afrika! Dinner Fall 2012

China Rocks

Intrigued by a class in structural geology, Nikita Avdievitch ’13 accompanied his professor to Northeast China to study an unusual outcropping of rocks.

September, 2012