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Public Safety

Macalester College is located in an urban environment that provides rich opportunities for students to enjoy. Living in a metropolitan area also requires that members of the Macalester community take responsibility for their safety and those around them. Public Safety staff is on duty 24 hours a day year round. They may be contacted by dialing 651-696-6555.

Campus Safety escorts are available for students, faculty, and staff 24 hours a day by calling Public Safety at 651-696-6555. Public Safety Officers will walk with you to your destination on campus or within a mile radius of campus.

Members of the Macalester community are encouraged to do simple things:

  • Respond to all alarms quickly
  • Use safe, direct, and well-lit routes
  • Always lock residence hall doors while away or asleep
  • Do not open or prop doors for unknown persons or guests and stop or report “tailgaters”
  • Mark your valuables with your unique ID number and record the serial number or take photos
  • Register your bicycle with Public Safety and secure it properly
  • Never leave items unattended

For more Public Safety information visit

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Parking and Transportation

Biking is encouraged, but Macalester is a relatively small campus and riding your bike between your residence hall and classes is done infrequently. If you bring a bike, there are a number of racks on campus that can be used to secure your bicycle. Please remember to bring a U-lock to properly lock your bicycle. There is no indoor storage for bikes and Macalester does not assume liability for lost/stolen bikes. Please note that bicycles left on campus at the end of school year will be removed at the owner’s expense and donated to charity.

Nice Ride MN is a bike share program in the Twin Cities that allow users to rent bikes form their phones. Rentals are priced by time, a full day rental, or included with a Nice Ride membership. There is a station right on campus across from Patagonia on Grand Ave. Learn more about Nice Ride MN

All vehicles parked by Macalester College students, faculty, and staff in college parking lots must display a valid parking permit. First-year resident students are NOT eligible for a campus parking permit. Medical and work-related exceptions may be requested from the Director of Public Safety. Registration is not transferable. Parking permits are issued to Macalester faculty, staff, and eligible current students by registering online.

For more information please visit

The Campus Center Information Desk has resources for navigating the Twin Cities transit system, including maps of many bus routes. Additionally, FREE bus passes can also be picked at the Information Desk. The Civic Engagement Center has additional information about volunteer opportunities at a variety of organizations in various neighborhoods and what buses can get you to the various sites. For more information about the Twin Cities transit system, visit Metro Transit at

The HOURCAR program currently serves Macalester College and the Mac-Groveland community. HOURCAR vehicles are located in the parking lot on Grand Avenue across from Patagonia and near the George Draper Dayton Hall. Members also have access to all automobiles in the HOURCAR fleet. Using the car is simple: drivers reserve a time online, use the HOURCAR, and then return it to the reserved parking space. Drivers pay for time and mileage, but operational costs such as the cost of gas, insurance ($1 million with a $500 deductible), and parking are all included.

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Document Services and Mailing Services

Located on the lower level of the Campus Center, Document Services offers full service document production including color and black and white copying. We also provide finishing services including collating, stapling, folding, cutting, binding, faxing, scanning and laminating.

For more information about Document Services, visit the Document Services website or email

Macalester Mailing Services is also located on the lower level of the Campus Center. Mailing Services provides PO boxes for your incoming mail and packages. A new Student PO Box (SPO) is assigned to all students at the start of fall semester and your SPO number and combination will be available on 1600grand when you arrive. We are a Contract Postal Station so we offer most services that you find at a Post Office. We sell stamps and send out packages for Domestic and International mail.

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