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Safety & Security

Macalester College is located in an urban environment that provides rich opportunities for students to enjoy. Living in a metropolitan area also requires that members of the Macalester community take responsibility for their safety and those around them. There are Security Officers on duty 24 hours a day every day. They may be contacted by dialing 651-696-6555. Macalester has prided itself on being a very open campus.

We balance the values of promoting safety and security along with the values of an open environment. Yet, not everyone walking through our doors or across campus is a member of our community. We encourage students to walk in groups or utilize student or security officer escorts during hours of darkness.

The SAFEwalk program provides students to walk the requester to a destination within a mile radius of campus. Students can call 651-696-6699 for a SAFEwalk escort. Hours of service will be advertised at the beginning of each term.

On campus, most thefts are identified as crimes of opportunity.

Members of the Macalester community are encouraged to do simple things including:

  • responding to all emergency alarms quickly
  • not walking alone at night, use the SAFEwalk program
  • always locking residence hall doors while away or asleep
  • not opening doors to strangers or propping doors open for guests or allowing unknown persons to tailgate into your residence hall.
  • mark your valuables with a permanent marker using your unique state drivers’ license or State ID number, then record and save the model and serial number and take photos of these items.  Use the campus personal inventory template to create an inventory of your property.
  • Further, students should not assume that items left in a public area will remain upon their return. If an item is thought to be lost, members of the community can inquire at one of three locations, depending upon the area the item was lost:
    • Campus Center Information Desk
    • Library Circulations Desk or Facilities Services and
    • Security Offices

Top 10 Macalester Safety Tips

For more safety and security information visit

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Outside the Bubble

Macalester's close proximity and connections to the cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis is unique among peer liberal arts colleges. Make sure you take full advantage of the what the Twin Cities has to offer!  While you will experience the "small town" feel of our immediate neighborhood,  (the Macalester Groveland community), the opportunities you will find within the metro area at large are enormous. This diverse area is host to some of the country's finest art and culture, as more than 40 organizations produce more than 1,000 art events, exhibits, and performances in St. Paul alone.  The Twin Cities is home to many recent immigrant groups including Hmong, Somali, Liberian, Karen (from Burma) among others.  In fact, over 100 ethnic groups are living in the Phillips neighborhood of Minneapolis.  New immigrants have opened a variety of restaurants, ethnic markets and new businesses adding to the culinary and economic diversity of the area.

The cities are rich in history and charm and also contain many of Minnesota's historical sites, including the State Capitol and Minnesota History Center. For the next few years, you will live in an area that has preserved distinctive architecture and cherished natural areas while continuing to offer a wide range of shopping and dining experiences. There is something for everyone in the Twin Cities. Outdoor enthusiasts love to run, rollerblade, or bike ride around the many lakes, along the river, or on beautiful Summit Avenue.

Minnesotans also love to be active in the winter, cross country skiing, winter camping or attending the St. Paul Winter Carnival. The area offers sports that appeal to fans of all ages. The Saint Paul/East Metro area is home to the National Hockey League's Minnesota Wild, and to the Saint Paul Saints, a minor-league baseball team. Professional baseball, basketball, football and soccer teams also call the Twin Cities home.

Your Macalester education can be greatly enhanced by taking advantage of our urban location with its diverse population and cultural resources. Take time to explore the Twin Cities using the public bus or get to know local residents through community service opportunities.

Grand Avenue  -- St. Paul -- Explore Minnesota  -- Bus schedules and information

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Parking and Transportation

First-year students should not plan to bring cars to campus. If you have extenuating circumstances, contact the Director of Safety and Security.


Biking is encouraged, but Macalester is a relatively small campus and riding your bike to and from your residence hall to classes is done infrequently. To save the hassle of caring for your bike, free BikeShare bikes are available at the Library for the causal rider and a NiceRide station, the TwinCities bikeshare, is available next to campus. Bringing a bike to campus may not be necessary.

If you bring a bike, there are a number of racks on campus that can be used to secure your bicycle. Please remember to bring a U-lock to properly lock your bicycle. There is no indoor storage for bikes and Macalester does not assume liability for lost/stolen bikes. Contact the Sustainability Office about a winter bike storage program. 

Please note that bicycles left on campus at the end of school year will be removed at the owners expense and donated to charity.


All vehicles parked by Macalester College students, faculty, and staff in College parking facilities must be registered with the Facilities Services Safety & Security Office. First-year resident students are NOT eligible for a campus parking permit. Medical and work-related exceptions may be requested from the Director of Safety and Security. Registration is not transferable. Parking permits are issued to Macalester faculty, staff, and eligible current students upon completion and signature of a vehicle registration form at the Facilities Services Office.


The Campus Center Information Desk has resources for the Twin Cities transit, including maps of many bus routes. Subsidized bus passes can also be purchased at the information desk. The Civic Engagement Center has additional information about volunteer opportunities at a variety organizations in various neighborhoods and what buses can get you to the various sites. For more information about the Twin Cities transit system, visit Metro Transit at


The HOURCAR program currently serves Macalester College and the Mac-Groveland community. Th HOURCAR vehicles are located in the parking lot on Grand Avenue across from Patagonia and near the George Draper Dayton Hall. Members also have access to all automobiles in the HOURCAR fleet. Using the car is simple: drivers reserve a time online, use the HOURCAR, and then return it to the reserved parking space. Drivers pay for time and mileage, but operational costs such as the cost of gas, insurance ($1 million with a $500 deductible), and parking are all included.

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Mac Computing

Information Technology Services (ITS) is the best source for all of your computing questions. If you need assistance or have questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk, Neill Hall, Room 314, phone (651) 696-6525 or email .

Upon arrival to campus, if you have any trouble with your computer, stop by the ITS Help Desk. If you are going to bring a computer, smartphone, tablet or gaming device it must be authenticated when connecting to the College network. Information on how to connect to the Macalester wireless network will be provided once you arrive.

Check out the Student Technology Checklist for more information on technology at Macalester.

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Document Services and Mailing Services

Located on the lower level of the Campus Center, Document Services offers full service document production including color and black and white copying. We also provide finishing services including collating, stapling, folding, cutting, binding, faxing, scanning and laminating.

Copy requests may be submitted via e-mail, on CD Rom, jump drive or through the LDT which is Loeffler Digital Transport an electric job ticket.

For information about Mailing Services, visit Mailing Services
Phone: 651-696-6294
Hours: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday – Friday
11:00 am – 2:00 pm Saturday

Macalester Mailing Services is also located on the lower level of the Campus Center. Mailing Services provides PO boxes for your incoming mail and packages. A new Student PO Box (SPO) is assigned to all students at the start of fall semester and your SPO number and combination will be available on 1600grand when you arrive. We are a Contract Postal Station so we offer most services that you find at a Post Office. We sell stamps and send out packages for Domestic and International mail. (Note: We do not sell stamps or postage after 4:30pm M-F or on Saturdays. Please plan accordingly.)

Shipping packages to Campus

Students may ship their items in boxes or trunks if they cannot bring them along as they travel to Macalester. Such items should be shipped after August 11. For information on package pick-up times, please check with Mailing Services in lower level of the Campus Center.

Please address your luggage and boxes to:

Your full name
Macalester College
1600 Grand Avenue
Saint Paul MN 55105

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Cell Phone Plans

For cell phone plans, there are several carriers that serve the Twin Cities.

Verizon  -- Sprint  -- AT&T -- T-Mobile  

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