The Department of Residential Life has great housing options as well as numerous social and learning opportunities for students. Living in the residence halls provides:

  • Opportunities to learn about yourself and others beyond the classroom.
  • Resident Assistants to help you make the most of living on campus.
  • Opportunities to be a leader and make a difference.
  • The safety and convenience to live where you learn.

All first-year and sophomore students are required to live on campus. In general, students are housed together based on their class year. First-year students are assigned to Doty, Turck, Dupre and Bigelow Hall.

Your Online Housing Access

Your personal MyHousing webpage will contain your housing assignments, roommate names, and dining plan selections while you are at Macalester.  Early in June, we will send you instructions to access your MyHousing and ApplyOnline webpage. There you will find the Housing and Dining Agreement 2019-2020 and preferences questions. We’ll ask you to accept the agreement and answer a few housing preference questions.

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Your Room and Roommate Assignment

We’ll do our best to assign you a room and roommate or possibly roommates (we have some triple and quad rooms) based on your preferences. If you are assigned to a residential first-year course, the course location may take priority over your hall or room type preference.

When assignments are ready, during the first week in August, we’ll remind you to access your MyHousing page using the information listed above to find your room and roommate assignment.

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Setting Up Your Campus Room

Bed – Mattress size is twin extra-long, 36 x 80. Our mattresses are comfortable but may not be as thick as you are accustomed to so in addition to the usual bedding you may want to bring a mattress pad of some sort.

Desk – Each residence hall room has a desk. You may want to add a desk lamp since the only other lighting in the room is the overhead fixture.

Dresser/Closet – You’ll need hangers if you want to hang clothes in the closet and a laundry bag or basket for your dirty clothes and linens.

Showers – Don’t forget towels, shower shoes or flip flops, and something to carry your personal items to and from the bathroom.

Laundry – Each hall has at least one laundry room. You provide your own high efficiency (HE) laundry detergent which can be purchased at the Highlander, or one of the stores in the area. Our hall offices have an iron and ironing board for check-out if your clothes need pressing.

Cleaning – You may check out a vacuum from the hall office but you’ll have to provide any additional cleaning supplies you may need during the semester.

Fan – The residence halls are not air conditioned so a small fan is helpful during the first few weeks in September. Air conditioners are not allowed.

Outlets – In case the electrical outlet isn’t near where you want to plug in your electric devices or small refrigerator bring a surge protector/extension cord that is UL approved.

Kitchen – The residence halls have kitchens with microwaves and ovens. We don’t allow microwaves in student rooms, but small refrigerators less than 3.6 cubic feet are permitted. Small refrigerators use lots of electricity and are not very sustainable. We do not have a refrigerator rental program due to this small usage.

Room size – Basic room dimensions are listed under Residence Halls on the Residential Life website. In general, rooms are not huge and most current students recommend bringing less so you don’t overcrowd your room.

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Further Information About Living at Mac

The Residential Life website is your source for important information about living on campus throughout the academic year. The staff directory, information about the halls, and calendars with dates for arrival, departures and breaks are all found on our website. You will also find a link on our website to the Student Handbook and Official Residence Hall Policies.

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Contact Us

Email your questions to or call us at 651-696-6215.

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