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Sexual Violence Prevention

Welcome to the Macalester community!

As part of Macalester’s commitment to our shared responsibility “to provide a supportive and respectful environment for students, staff, and faculty of all cultures and backgrounds”, we ask incoming students to participate in the EverFi module on Sexual Violence Prevention.  Familiarity with the important information shared in the module is vital for all of our campus community members– understanding our shared values and definitions, building skills to contribute to a campus culture of sexual respect, and knowing the various resources available in the event you or a friend may need them.  Macalester values these things enough to require participation by all of our incoming students.

Some of you, due to personal experience, may have concerns about completing this module. We understand that and want to provide some other options for learning about the support resources available to you and Macalester’s expectations for sexual respect. If you’d prefer to talk to a confidential staff member or receive this information in a written format, please contact Jen Jacobsen to indicate your preference.

Learn more about sexual respect on the Sexual Violence Prevention and Education page or by contacting Jen Jacobsen, Director of Health Promotion and Sexual Respect at

Information about Title IX can be found on the Title IX page or by contacting Regina Curran, Title IX Coordinator, at