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Sustainability Tips

Getting Around

Embrace the vibrant, urban location. Metro Transit operates public transit in the Twin Cities. Use the Alternative Commuting page to serve as a guide to all transit to or near campus.

Transit subsidies. The Campus Center Information Desk offers FREE Metro Transit Universal Passes to Macalester students. This pilot program will allow current Macalester students to take unlimited rides on all Metro Transit buses and trains for the 2021-22 academic year as a commitment to Carbon Neutrality by 2025. View more information about the Subsidized Metro Transit Products program.

Macalester bike share. Loan a Macalester Bike Share Bike for free at the Library Circulation Desk–locks and helmets are available too.

Car share. If you need an occasional car, join Hourcar, the Twin Cities car sharing program. Students get a discount and you only need to be 18 to sign up.

Waste Not

Know what goes where. Be a Zero Waste expert before you arrive; refer to the Zero Waste by 2020 page to help you learn about sorting. Bring a waste, recycling and compost bin for your room.

Discuss waste sorting with your roommate. Help us make our Zero Waste by 2020 goal by having a plan about waste with your roommate.

Plan to compost. Take out containers from Bon Appetit are compostable–it may look like plastic, but it’s not.

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Stock Up

Shop Used

Rummage Sale. Shop the Fall Habitat for Humanity Rummage Sale. You can get almost anything there.
Mac Free Swap. Visit the Mac Free Swap to get goods for free that your classmates no longer want.
Mac Free and For Sale. Join the Mac Free and For Sale Facebook group to be notified when folks are giving things away for free or at a reduced cost.

Use Reusables

Bring a water bottle. Water bottle fill stations are all over campus.
Bring your own travel mug. Use your mug for coffee, tea, and smoothies purchased on or near campus–many locations offer discounts.

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Power Up by Powering Down

Consider what you need. A mini-fridge can use up to 50% of the energy within your room. Always shop for Energy Star appliances.

Bring power strips. Power strips help you power-down your electronics when not in use–they use power even when you’re not using them.

Only pack LED light bulbs. They last longer and use a fraction of the energy any other bulb uses.

Printers and TVs. There are printers and televisions throughout campus for student use; consider whether you need to bring your own.

Dry with air. Dry your clothes on a rack – a free check-out from your Residence Hall Office.

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Stay Well

Being Well is Being Sustainable. Learn more about the connection between Sustainability and Wellness.

Physical Activity Habits. Start your time at Macalester off right by establishing a plan for physical activity. Health Promotions at Macalester offer Movement Classes to students.

Eat Real Food. Macalester has a goal to have 30% Real Food by 2020–Real Food is local, organic, fair trade, or humane; eating plant based is one way to minimize your footprint and eat well.

Plant Based Nutrition Digital Handout
Plant-Based Diet for Health, Performance, and Your Pocketbook

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