Academic Advising

Each student has one faculty member designated as his/her primary advisor. The primary advisor is responsible for monitoring the progress of the student through his/her career at Macalester and for helping the student to integrate his/her academic interests with other interests in a unified, coherent manner. First year students are required to take a First Year Course in their first semester. Enrollment in these courses is limited to sixteen entering first year students and the instructor is the academic advisor for the students in that class. The purpose of the requirement is to provide entering students with an interactive academic experience where attention is paid to the development of skills critical to success at Macalester.

Students are encouraged to change advisors to someone in their primary academic area of interest at the end of the second year. Change-of-advisor forms are available from the Academic Programs office. Academic advisors are not expected to be personal counselors but are alert to situations where referrals should be made to other appropriate offices.

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