Campus Employment

Recent studies have demonstrated that students who work while attending college are more likely to graduate in four years than those who don’t work. It also provides students an opportunity to develop real-world work skill sets and experiences that will benefit them as they apply for graduate school or jobs in the years after graduation. For this reason, a close working relationship exists between the Student Employment Office and the Career Development Center at Macalester to assure a student’s work experience will prepare them for whatever path they choose to take after graduation. For Macalester, the student employment program provides a highly desirable pool of employees who play a critical role in the College’s operation. Offices and departments come to rely on students to carry out a substantial portion of the work completed each business day.

The Off-Campus Student Employment Program, administered by the Civic Engagement Center, provides benefits to local non-profit organizations within the Twin Cities community where students work in a variety of positions. Preparing students for engaged citizenship and effective civic leadership is a critical part of Macalester’s mission. Students who work in these off-campus community organizations have experiences that enrich not only themselves, but the community as a whole.

Because student positions are funded by federal, state, and institutional financial aid dollars, priority must always be given to need-based aid students when filling any position. To assure all financial aid students have knowledge of and access to these jobs, all open positions are posted on the student employment web site. Hiring of financial aid students is done online, with the exception of first-year students who are assigned to their campus jobs. Macalester’s online job search process parallels the outside work world by offering students an opportunity to discover the variety of campus positions available, to compare and apply for jobs which interest them, and to participate in interviews, if requested to do so. It also creates an opportunity for students and departments to meet their needs for the academic year in a competitive manner by becoming directly involved in the placement process.

Students who wish to remain in their present positions must re-apply and be re-hired online each year. Because the job search is web-based, students who are off-campus during Spring Semester are able to apply and be hired for jobs for the next academic year in exactly the same manner as students who are on campus.