Parking and Transportation


The Campus Center has resources for the Twin Cities transit, including maps of many bus routes. Discounted bus passes can also be purchased at the information desk. The Civic Engagement Center has additional information about volunteer opportunities as well as files about the organizations and neighborhoods and what buses can get you to the various sites. For more information about the Twin Cities transit system, visit the Metro Transit website at

For students taking a course at an ACTC school (Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities) a free bus service is provided to travel among the campuses. Check here for the bus schedule


The HOURCAR program currently serves Macalester College and the Mac-Groveland community with two Toyota Priuses, gas-electric hybrids that regularly garner over 47 miles to the gallon and produce relatively few emissions. The Priuses are located in the parking lot on Grand Avenue across from Patagonia and near the George Draper Dayton dorm. Members also have access to all automobiles in the 16-car fleet. Using the car is simple: drivers reserve a time online, use the HOURCAR, and then return it to the reserved parking space. Drivers pay for time and mileage, but operational costs such as the cost of gas, insurance ($1 million with a $500 deductible), and parking are all included.


All vehicles parked by Macalester College students, faculty, and staff in College parking facilities must be registered with the Facilities Services Safety & Security Office. First-year resident students are NOT eligible for a campus parking permit. Medical and work-related exceptions may be requested from the Director of Safety and Security. Registration is not transferable. Parking permits are issued to Macalester faculty, staff, and eligible current students upon completion and signature of a vehicle registration form at the Facilities Services Office.

Zipride is a completely free ride-matching service for one-time trips and regular commutes for Macalester faculty, staff, students and alumni. Drivers who want to share the cost of gas with someone, can register for the service and search for “Rides Wanted.” A drive can also register to offer a ride that will make his/her travel plans searchable by others who are searching for a ride.