Civic Engagement

Macalester College believes that civic engagement enhances students’ understanding of issues of public concern, as well as their academic and civic development for a life of public contribution. Service to society is part of the college mission and thus part of an institutional goal to educate thoughtful and contributing global citizens. Many student organizations, clubs, and academic departments integrate engagement with the larger community into their activities and curriculum.

The Civic Engagement Center is the department on campus that coordinates many of the volunteer opportunities for students. Their role is to educate students on issues related to global citizenship, assisting them with their personal discernment of values, ethics, and commitments towards contributing to the public good in meaningful ways. The Center works with the community in a spirit of respectful reciprocity and partnership and connects the resources of the college with community needs and strengths from a commitment to institutional citizenship and to reinforce the capacity of local communities. For more information view the Civic Engagement Center website.