Cultural Interests

This is one of the most active areas of co-curricular involvement, with over 40 student groups. Groups in this area include a wide range of cultural groups encompassing most ethnic traditions and gender issues, as well as numerous special interest groups.

Located on the first floor of Kagin Commons, the Lealtad-Suzuki Center provides ongoing multicultural training and development to Macalester faculty, staff and students to increase awareness, knowledge, and skills pertaining to diversity and multiculturalism; coordinates and synchronizes intentional multicultural programming and services throughout campus; and provides multicultural education through mediums such as literature, video, audio, art and personal consultation.

The Lealtad-Suzuki Center offers a number of programmatic initiatives for the Macalester College community, such as a Center Associates Initiative, several student collectives, a Soup and Substance Lunch Series, an Allies Project and the Pluralism and Unity Program for first year students. The Center is part of the larger Department of Multicultural Life. The mission of the Department of Multicultural Life is to integrate the ethos and values of historically under-represented peoples, discourses, thoughts, and ideas as a catalyst for transforming the traditional ways of doing the work of the College into a more inclusive model. To learn more about the staff, mission, goals and programs of the Lealtad-Suzuki Center, please visit our website.