Accessing Your Leave Report

  1. Log onto the 1600grand portal
  2. Click on the Employee
  3. Look for the Staff Time Reporting.
  4. Find the job and department combination you are reporting time for.
  5. Click on the link for the appropriate time period (for example Monthly – 11, Due Date : Dec 10, 2017)

Entering Leave and Comments

  1. Find the intersection of the day and category that you are entering time for
  2. Click on the Enter Hours link for that day
  3. Find the text entry box next to Hours: (located above the timesheet);
  4. Enter your leave hours (fractions of hours must be rounded to the nearest 15 minutes and entered as a fraction of the hour – for example 5.75 = 5 hours 45 minutes) – a standard work day, at Mac, is 7.75 hours
  5. Click the Save button

Additional Leave Entry Notes

  • Time sheets show only one week at a time; to access additional weeks in the leave report period, click the Next button
  • Hours may be copied from one day to others by using the Copy button
  • If you don’t have any leave to report in a month, enter 0 on at least one day and submit report.
  • Comments may be added by using the Comments button, entering the comment, and clicking Save
  • Paid Parental Leave must be applied for prior to its usage; using it without applying and receiving approval will cause the leave entered to be debited in the vacation category – contact Employment Services with any questions.

Submitting Your Leave Report for Approval

  1. Review “Total Hours for Accuracy”
  2. Click on the Submit for Approval button (A message will appear at the top of the timesheet confirming “Your time sheet was submitted successfully”); you’re done!

Additional Submission Notes

  • No data entry may be changed on a submitted leave report – contact your supervisor and have them click the “return it for correction” button in the event you find an error that needs corrected
  • The leave banks balances on 1600grand will not update until the approver of the report has approved it


  • The deadline for salaried leave reports is the 10th day of the month at 4:30pm (after the end of the month being reported).
  • The approval deadline, for supervisors, is normally 1 to 2 days after the employee.


Problems with access to 1600grand
  1. Try using an alternate browser, and/or delete your browser’s history.
  2. Contact the Help Desk at (651) 696-6525
The job I need to report time for doesn’t appear on my Time Reporting in 1600grand
  1. Your paperwork may not have been turned in (by either you or your supervisor)
  2. Talk to your supervisor – verify that all of the paperwork was turned into Employment Services
  3. Contact Employment Services via telephone at (651) 696-6280 or via email