Download Timesheet Entry PDF directions with images

Accessing Your Timesheet

  1. Go to Employee Dashboard, log in when prompted.
  2. Locate My Activities on the right. 
  3. Click Enter Time.  
  4. Find the job you are reporting time for, and click on Start Timesheet to open the timesheet for the first time, or click on In Progress to continue to edit an opened timesheet.    
  5. The system will show all active Pay Periods. To display a prior pay period, click on Prior Periods on the right of your job listing.   

Entering Worked Hours and Leave

  1. Using the calendar, click on the date to report time or leave.
  2. On the bottom half of the screen, enter in the Time Worked by clicking the clock icon.  Then enter your Start Time and End Time by using your mouse and choose Set. 
    • Click on Add More Time to add more Time Worked segments. 
    • Add leave time (Vacation, Sick, Holiday, Floating, etc) by choosing from the  Earn Code pulldown and selecting before Start time and End time is entered.   If you select the incorrect Leave type/ Earn Code, you will need to delete the segment and re-enter.   
    • To add comments, click on Preview in the bottom right of the screen, enter your comments, and click on the X to close the dialog box.  Only choose to Submit if you are ready to submit your timesheet.  
  3. Once you are finished entering time for a day, click on Save in the lower right of the screen.  
  4. To edit your timesheet entry, select the Time Worked segment to edit and choose the edit icon on the right (pencil icon).  
  5. To copy your timesheet entry, select the Time Worked segment to copy and choose the copy icon on the right (two pages icon).  Here, you will have the opportunity to copy this Time Worked segment to the end of the pay period and include Saturdays and Sundays.   
  6. To restart your timecard and clear all of the existing entries, click on Restart Time in the upper right (circle arrow).  A warning message will appear to verify you want to remove all of the previously entered time and comments. 

Additional Time Entry Notes

  • Overtime is calculated automatically based on hours entered in the “Time Worked” category
  • Calculated Overtime does not show on the timesheet but will show on the “pay stub”, after payroll is processed

Submitting Your Timesheet for Approval and Payment

  1. At the end of the pay period or the last day, you work in a pay period access your timesheet using the instructions above.
  2. To submit your timesheet once it is complete, click on Preview, review the timesheet and click on Submit.  
    • If you need to change your timesheet before your supervisor has approved it, you can click on Recall Timesheet at the bottom of the page to make additional changes.
  3. Click on the Submit for Approval button (A message will appear at the top of the timesheet confirming “Your timesheet was submitted successfully”)

Additional Submission Notes

  • No data entry may be changed on a submitted timesheet – contact your supervisor and have them click the “Return it for correction” button in the event you find an error that needs correcting


  • The deadline for hourly timesheets is normally Monday at 4:30 p.m. (after the end of the pay period being reported) – this is listed on the time sheet
  • The approval deadline, by supervisors, is normally Tuesday at 12 p.m. (Noon) (after the end of the pay period)
  • A complete payroll schedule, with holidays, is available on the Payroll Website 


Problems with access to 1600grand or  Employee Dashboard?

  1. Try the Internet Explorer browser (PC) or Safari browser (Mac) to access 1600grand
  2. Contact the Help Desk at (651) 696-6525

The job I need to report time doesn’t appear the Employee Dashboard is most likely this is an issue with paperwork not being turned in for your hire (either you or your supervisor).

  1. Talk to your supervisor – verify that all of the paperwork was turned in to Employment Services
  2. Contact Employment Services via telephone at (651) 696-6280 or via email at