Download Timesheet Approval PDF directions with images

Approve Time

  1. Go to Employee Dashboard, log in when prompted.
  2. Locate My Activities on the right.
  3. Click Approve Time.

Approve Timesheet Instructions

  1. From Approve Time, the Time Entry Approvals, select the time period to approve from the Select Pay Period pull down.  Note that if you are approving on a Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, you will need to select the LAST pay period, as the next pay period will have begun and will be the first listed.
  2. From Time Entry Approvals, you can select/filter the department, payroll/ pay period.  You can look-up timesheets from previous pay periods from Time Entry Approvals.  Note: Your default department will be selected. If you approve time for 2 or more departments, you will need to select each department from the pull down. 
  3. You can sort your employee’s timesheets by status.
  4. To review your employee’s timesheet, click on the Action Menu (three vertical dots) to the right of their name and select Preview.
  5. From the Preview view, you will see the total time worked and leave reported.  You will be required to enter a comment, scroll to the bottom of the pop-up to the Comments box.   Comments may be accessed by anyone who has access to this transaction. However, should the employee access his or her timesheet through Employee Dashboard and the Comments Confidential box is checked, the employee does not see the comments.  
  6. You may click on Details to see a calendar view of the time reported or  Approve once reviewed.  
      • It is recommended that you follow-up with an email, phone call or verbal notification as the employee has no direct notification unless they log onto Employee Dashboard.
      • If you would like to return the timesheet to the employee for a change or review, click on Return for correction.


  • If no employee’s timesheet appear, it is likely that their timesheet is yet to be started.  Remind your Employees to open their timesheet at the beginning of every pay period. This will not only allow you to see your list of approvals, it will also assure that everyone in your department has a timesheet and is set up to be paid.