How do you report your time worked?

I'm a Supervisor and need to review and approve employee hours / leave

General Questions

What is Web Time Entry and/or Online Leave Reporting?

Web Time Entry and Leave Reporting is a secured, 1600grand portal based system that allows reporting of time for purposes of payroll and leave tracking.

What are the advantages to using this system vs. paper based reporting?

There are several significant advantages over traditional paper reporting:

  • There is no paper to lose (i.e. "I forwarded my time card to my supervisor but it never made it to payroll...")
  • Time can be entered as it is worked or taken (i.e. "What days did I work last week?...")
  • Time can be entered, submitted for payment, or approved by a supervisor completely online (i.e. "My supervisor is at a conference and hasn't signed my time sheet -- what will I do now to get paid?")
  • Archived time sheets can be accessed by the approver online, on demand
  • Mathematical errors are minimized -- the system summarizes and adds all entries as they are entered
  • For salaried employees, the leave reporting on 1600grand is updated as soon as the leave report is approved -- there is no month delay, as was the case with the paper based reporting .
  • Processing is completely electronic, minimizing keying and legibility errors -- from entry, to approval, to payroll processing

Finally, and most importantly, due to these and other features, the system enhances the college's ability to pay its employees, accurately, fairly and on time.

Is this system easy to use?

The web time entry system and leave reporting system generally have a short learning curve for both persons submitting time and the supervisors who audit and approve time. Most users of the system have no problems using it after the first time through the process.

Several methods of training are available:

  • Step-by-step written directions
  • Hands on demonstrations (scheduled on request, contact x6280 for details)

Will I get paid on time if I have a problems and can't submit/approve the information on time?

Yes, as long as you contact the Payroll department at 651-696-6436 prior to the published deadlines expiring.

If you contact us after the deadline, every effort will be made to pay you on time, but priority will always be given to those who submitted/approved their information or contacted Payroll prior to the payroll deadlines -- this may result in a payment being delayed.

What help do you provide with deadlines?

Ultimately it is each employee and supervisors responsibility to understand and meet their respective deadline for payroll -- that being the case, we help you do this in a couple of ways:

  • A published payroll schedule with dates and deadlines is provided several months in advance
  • A reminder e-mail is sent to each employee 1 day prior to the submission deadline
  • A reminder e-mail is sent to each supervisor 1 day prior to the approval deadline
  • A confirmation e-mail is sent to each employee for each time sheet they submit to their supervisor/approver (i.e. a receipt)

As a further reminder, the Payroll department recommends that you setup a Google Calendar repeating reminder for the various deadlines -- instructions on how to do this are located here.

I've heard that some employees and departments use a time clock system or other alternative means of reporting time to payroll?

Macalester currently has 2 methods of reporting time for hourly employees (staff and student) -

  • 1600grand web time entry
  • Time clock based Stromberg Time and Attendance

If you are a member of a department that uses the Stromberg system, you will receive additional training or instructions on how to clock in and out via your employee/student ID card.

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