From left to right: Catie Ball '18, Riley McGlasson '20, Alex Gordon '18.

Check out Macalester’s very own grassroots community astro talk show on WMCN. Hop on the shuttle as we blast off every week, exploring a supermassive topic in modern (astro)physics. We’ll cover it all – from the formation of the universe to the search for life, and everything in between. Anyone who wants to make contact with the cosmos should tune their receiver to ν = 91.7 MHz (λ = 3.27 m) in Saint Paul, MN or navigate to WMCN Radio every Sunday from 4pm – 5pm central for an hour of discovery. No previous knowledge necessary! Find our past shows in the radio astronomy archives. Hosted by: Catie Ball ’18, Alex Gordon ’18, and Riley McGlasson ’20.