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Academic Quality

Strengthen academic quality by better aligning our curricular structure and academic organization with our core values and educational aims.


  1. Revision of academic governance structure to enhance efficiency and accountability, Spring 2002
  2. Clarification of criteria for allocating new faculty positions, Fall 2002
  3. Reorganization and rationalization of academic program structure, Spring 2003
  4. Creation of Center for Scholarship and Teaching to help faculty succeed in these two related aspects of their academic lives, Fall 2002
Work in progress
  1. Clarify expectations and expand training for department and program chairs
  2. Work out implications of revised academic program structure for specific departments and programs and implement the restructuring plan. See Implementing the New Academic Structure, an Interim Report, Nov. 2003. (For background, see also proposed new academic structure, Feb. 2003, and elaborations on proposed plan, Jan. 2003.)
  3. Articulate the learning outcomes and educational aims embedded in Macalester's Mission Statement and Statement of Purpose and Belief (i.e., define the "Macalester Imprint")
  4. Revise the curriculum and graduation requirements to enhance alignment with these learning outcomes and educational aims (See Curricular Renewal site)
Future plans
  1. Adopt and implement the new curriculum
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