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The Basics

In reviewing our progress on these major strategic actions, we should always keep in mind "the basics" - those fundamental investments in quality that are essential to our success. Briefly, those basic continuing requirements include the need to:

  1. Recruit and retain absolutely first rate faculty who are committed to our mission and goals
  2. Enroll and graduate an exceptionally talented, motivated and diverse student body
  3. Recruit and retain an outstanding and committed staff
  4. Honor our core values of academic excellence, internationalism, multiculturalism and service throughout the College
  5. Keep Macalester fiscally sound through good planning and careful management of our revenues and expenses
As the College continues to progress, we should expect that our view of our major strategic goals, and ways to implement them, will continue to evolve. Indeed, it has been a hallmark of our planning effort that it be flexible and responsive to changing conditions. "No doubt President Rosenberg will bring his own perspectives and insights to this evolutionary process as well," said former President McPherson in May. "I believe that this document, showing where we have come and where we are headed, will be useful in Macalester's continuing drive to excel."

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