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This is a section from the Executive Summary
of the report of Academic Task Force, July 2002


Charge: Prepare a proposal for a streamlined committee structure.

During the academic year 2001/2002, the Faculty Advisory Council (FAC) proposed a major restructuring of the elected committees of the faculty. Two members of our taskforce also served on FAC (Karine Moe (Chair, FAC) and Jaine Strauss) and were liaisons between the two committees. The Task Force on Academic Quality and Structure served as a sounding board for FAC during the fall. The proposal for streamlining the elected faculty committees was presented to and passed by the faculty at the March 13, 2002 faculty meeting.

The outcome of this committee restructuring was to basically merge the duties of FAC and Curriculum Committee into the new committee, Educational Policy and Governance Committee (EPAG). The new Planning and Resource Committee (PRC) will take over the duties of the Long Range Planning Committee, the Faculty Professional Activities Committee and the Benefits Committee. This committee streamlining involves fewer faculty for longer periods of time and should make a number of tasks much more efficient (e.g. faculty allocations).

Recommended next steps:

The faculty voted in this new committee restructuring in March 2002. The new committees have been elected and will begin their duties in the Fall 2002.

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