Senior Instructor of Political Science
U.S. politics, institutions, and public policy, urban politics, and American political history

Carnegie Hall, 203b

Curriculum Vitae

Michael Zis has taught at Macalester since 2003 with a focus on American politics and policymaking at the national, state, and local levels. His courses include Foundations of US Politics, American Governing Institutions, Urban Politics, American Political Thought, US Food Policy and Politics, and Government and Medicine, and he has taught two interdisciplinary courses on “Jews and Politics” and “Sustainability and Global Citizenship.”  An active mentor, he supervises student scholars and interns working for legislators and government agencies.

A campus leader in civic engagement, Michael has created lasting community collaborations around the themes of health care, sustainability, and food policy.  A recipient of the Campus Compact President Award for Civic Engagement, Michael co-directed the Mellon Foundation for Lifelong Learners Grant and co-led urban colloquia in the Pacific Northwest on community building, multiculturalism, inequality, and sustainability.  Before joining Macalester, Michael worked as a health policy coordinator at the Minnesota Department of Human Services, helping launch a nationally recognized demonstration program to coordinate acute and long-term care for seniors and people with disabilities.

When not contemplating the future of Obamacare, Michael moonlights as a chauffeur for his three boys. Away from campus, you might find him on a hiking trail, tennis court, or concert floor.

BA: University of Wisconsin, Madison, with honors
MA: University of Minnesota (ABD)