Emily Lawson—2013 Fellow

Emily Lawson

Year: Class of 2015
Major: Anthropology, African Studies and Community & Global Health concentrations
Organization: Wayside House Inc. – Wayside Family Treatment

Within Wayside Family Treatment, I worked alongside women in residential treatment who also had their children living with them there. My personal role shifted a few times, kindly reminding me that in this community things are never consistent, instead constantly transforming in the most beautiful way. The execution of my plans did not actually match what I had come up with in the Spring Seminar. However, the experience was very enriching, therapeutic at times, and most of all inspiring. I met the most wonderful people, including many of my fellow Chuck Greeners, and this opportunity opened many other doors for me within the Twin Cities recovery community. I cherish this experience because it provided me the resources and opportunity to act on an issue that hits extremely close to home for me. The gratitude I have for this program because of that is inexplicable through words.