Thrive: Our Next 10 Years

Strategic Priorities

We believe that the priorities listed below will advance the college’s commitment to its Mission Statement and Statement of Purpose and Belief.

Quality and Distinctiveness

  • Reinforce Macalester’s distinctive excellence in internationalism and, more broadly, encourage every department and program in the college to seize and develop opportunities to be distinctive in additional ways that serve our students well.
  • Draw upon the energy of our students, the success of our alumni, and the vibrancy of our urban location to make entrepreneurship, including social, commercial, and artistic, an area of distinctive strength at Macalester.
  • Become a leader in the offering of what might be called issue or problem focused academic programs, similar in nature to some of the concentrations that have been created during the past decade.
  • Emphasize our urban location, and our historical commitments to sustainability, by focusing on the global city as a means to explore the intersections among such topics as the environment, science, technology, economics, and social justice.
  • Strengthen the connections between a liberal arts education and vocation by making more obvious and accessible the paths from the student experience at Macalester to eventual careers.
  • Increase the diversity within our student body, faculty, and staff, with a particular emphasis on increasing the presence and retention within our community of traditionally under-served populations.
  • Become a leader among liberal arts colleges in the use of technology to improve and broaden the reach of teaching and learning.

Culture and Practices

  • Recognizing the limitations of any strategic plan, create a culture at Macalester in which strategic thinking and careful, timely decision-making are the norm.
  • Ensure the continuance of a sustainable financial model that will enhance the ability of the college to fulfill its mission.
  • In order to allow for the investment of time and resources implied by our strategic priorities, create both the institutional will and appropriate institutional ability to stop doing some things that we do at present, even while recognizing that everything we do has some value and some community support.
  • Move from a model of divided governance to a model of truly shared governance, in order to facilitate institutional decision-making that is informed, timely, and strategic.

Approved by the Macalester College Board of Trustees on January 16, 2015