Assistant Provost

Weyerhaeuser Hall, 215

Lynn acts as the Provost’s representative for issues involving staff; office space; non-tenured faculty; grants; program, endowed and salary budgets.  She also manages the Faculty Travel and Research (FTR) Fund and the Tom Leonard Fund.

FTR – Full time faculty, and part-time faculty after their first year, are eligible for reimbursement for professional development expenses such as travel to conferences, professional organization dues, and books.

Tom Leonard Fund.   This is an endowed fund that was established to reimburse faculty for the cost of entertaining students outside of regular class meetings.  The fund will reimburse for food and beverages for meals at the faculty member’s home or another location.  It does not cover meals eaten at a restaurant. Tom Leonard Fund request form

Grant salary payments: Work with faculty to arrange summer and other grant salary payments.