Saint Paul’s climate is changing. Extreme weather events have increased, including more severe storms, hotter days and nights, and more frequent freeze-thaw cycles in the winter.  These local climate changes impact residents’ everyday lives  through, for example, damaged and pot-holed streets, fallen trees, power outages, and transit delays. People’s health also suffers, especially during sweltering summer heat with skyrocketing pollen counts.

Saint Paul residents are taking action.  Across the city, people are working to make their communities  ready and resilient to the changing climate of Minnesota.

Our project seeks to support Saint Paul communities to prepare for predicted climate change impacts.  In 2014, we hosted community forums called “community climate change conversations” in four districts of Saint Paul, Minnesota. We invited residents to come to our 4-hour meetings to talk with their neighbors about concerns for local climate change impacts and to prioritize the solutions they would like to see implemented. We also hosted a follow-up meeting for participants to speak directly with city leaders and share their stories.

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