Community Climate Resiliency Fund - Grant Recipient

Frogtown: "Greening Frogtown" Newspaper

Patricia Ohmans, Frogtown Green CoordinatorRecipients: Patricia Ohmans at Frogtown Green

Frogtown Green is a volunteer-based group of neighbors and friends with a clear agenda: they want Frogtown to be the greenest neighborhood in Saint Paul, Minnesota! By focusing on positive, sustainable, green development, they help to build the sense of community that is vital to resiliency in the face of any sort of change, whether it is economic, social or environmental.

Frogtown Green is coordinated by Patricia Ohmans MPH, Health Advocates’ founder, a Frogtown resident for 35 years and a public health professional who was named a Bush Leadership Fellow as well as "Gardening Advocate of the Year" in 2012 by the city of Saint Paul for her advocacy work on Frogtown Park & Farm. Patricia started Frogtown Green in 2012, in the wake of the successful campaign for Saint Paul’s newest city park (and only public urban farm).

Project: "Greening Frogtown" Newspaper

Frogtown Green publishes Greening Frogtown, a bimonthly newspaper which is hand-delivered door-to- door by volunteers to neighborhood homes and businesses. In collaboration with Ready & Resilient, Frogtown Green will publish one years’ worth of newspapers. The grant will help to disseminate a variety of messages about climate change and its impact at the neighborhood level through the newspapers. This will be accomplished by covering climate change issues as they affect our neighborhood, and by featuring photos and stories about “Neighborhood Green Heroes”.