Community Climate Resiliency Fund - Grant Recipient

The Greater East Side: NorthEast Neighbors Living at Home

Recipients: Rosemary Wallace, Northeast Neighborhoods Living at Home, Block Nurse Program

North East Neighborhoods Living at Home/Block Nurse Program (NEN/BNP) provides referral services to skilled nursing services and direct professional and volunteer services to seniors in the East Side community. Their services allow seniors to remain in their own homes for as long as possible and stay safe, healthy, independent, and socially involved in their community.

Services they provide include nutrition education, grocery pickup, medical appointment transportation and advocacy, friendly home visits, care coordination, yardwork and snow removal, resource referral services, caregiver respite, facilitated family meetings, and in-home safety assessments for those over 65 years of age or disabled.

Project: Emergency Preparedness Presentation and Kits for Elders

On Septemner 8, 2015, the Northeast Neighborhoods Living at Home program held an event for elders living in the greater East Side Community. At the event, Pat Hamilton, from the Science Museum of Minnesota, gave a talk about extreme weather events and how elders can be prepared to stay safe during storms. The talk was followed by a discussion. At the end of the event, elders assembled emergency kits and discussed the items in the kits. The goal of the program was to better equip seniors with the materials and social networks that are invaluable during times of environmental crisis.