Community Climate Resiliency Fund - Grant Recipient

The North End: Chimney Swift Towers

Recipients: Dean Reasoner, Katheryn Schneider, and Kerry Antrium at the District 6 Planning Council

Kerry Antrim is the executive director of the District 6 Planning Council. Dean Reasoner and Katheryn Schneider sit on the Board of Directors for the Planning Council. The D6 Planning Council works to educate and communicate with the public on government initiatives.

Project: Chimney Swift Tower Construction

The D6 Planning Council is constructing two chimney swift towers in public parks in the North End of Saint Paul. Chimney swift towers are large towers that provide a home for chimney swifts, a near-threatened bird species. This project supports biodiversity and also reduces the risk of vector-borne diseases as chimney swifts prey on mosquitoes, dramatically reducing local mosquito populations.