Community Climate Resiliency Fund - Grant Recipient

Payne-Phalen: "Chilling Out in Payne Phalen"

Recipients: Leslie McMurray and Bill Zajicek

Leslie McMurray is the executive director of the District 5 Planning Council in the Payne Phalen neighborhood. Bill Zajicek is a treasurer for the D5 Planning Council and is involved in the Payne Phalen Environmental Committee. The District 5 Planning Council works to gather public input on projects and policy in the Payne Phalen area.

Project: "Chilling Out in Payne Phalen"

“Chilling Out in Payne Phalen” is a project that seeks to create stronger community networks and organizations around the theme of heatwaves. This project involves reaching out to local block club leaders and bringing local leaders together for a workshop on ways to support the most vulnerable members of the Payne Phalen community in the event of a heatwave or other extreme weather events.