Community Climate Resiliency Fund - Grant Recipient

Summit-University: Vermicomposting at the Dunning Recreation Center

Recipients: Rio Ward and Arts-US

Arts-Us Inc. is a community based organization which aims to develop young leaders, in and through the arts. Arts-Us offers “edutainment” programs for schools, businesses, and community environments to help engage youth, particularly of African American descent, by combining academic, cultural, and recreational activities.

Roi Ward is an urban educator passionate about combining entrepreneurship and the green economy to reverse the effects of climate change.

Project: Vermicomposting at Dunning Recreation Center

Roi Ward helped to implement both indoor vermicomposting and outdoor composting systems, at the Dunning Recreation Center in the Summit-University neighborhood of St. Paul, to compost 50% of the waste produced at the facility. In partnership with Arts-Us, Roi aims to educate and engage the youth who attend the Arts-Us summer camps. These programs focused on the basics of climate change and included workshops on both vermicomposting and composting. The future goal of the project is to generate enough compost in 4-6 months to be used in the facilities’ garden as well as sold in local farmer’s markets.