Ready and Resilient Primer:

In the summer of 2013, we researched the impacts of climate change within the city of Saint Paul and created a guide titled “Ready & Resilient” with information for residents of vulnerable communities about the impacts and how to prepare for them. In order to prepare this guide, we reviewed the relevant literature and conducted interviews with community leaders from across Saint Paul, including local religious leaders, neighborhood leaders, non-profit representatives, and city officials. These interviews helped us understand the relationships between communities and their environments. We sent this “primer” document to the participants of the consensus conferences in order to give them a common background on the impacts of climate change in Saint Paul.

Contact us if we would like to adapt this document for use in your community.

Video Resources:

During our summer meetings, participants viewed videos, including a narrated photomontage (see video below) and footage from the deadly 1995 Chicago heat wave ( The videos were meant to elicit a visceral sense of the impacts of climate change in Saint Paul.