Spring 2014 Registration Times

This is a listing of the registration days and times assigned for the Spring 2014 registration period (November 18 - December 6).   Days are assigned by classification -- based on credits already completed -- not including the courses for which you are currently registered, starting with seniors two days, juniors the next two days, sophomores the following four days and first years the four days following. The last day is no one's first possible day to register. 

We have to limit the number of students who may begin their registration during any given half-hour increment. This is why you will notice that we divided the alphabet into sections to spread out the number of registrants for that classification (Freshman, Sophomore, ... ) by their surname.  We threw the alphabet sections into a hat (sometimes, an actual hat) and drew from there. We wanted to make sure that all start days/times were assigned randomly within each classification.


Seniors (96 or more credits earned)

If your surname starts with: You can register starting on this day and time:
Aa-Aq Monday, November 18th, at 9:15am
Ar-Bam Monday, November 18th, at 3:15pm
Ban-Bes Tuesday, November 19th, at 11:15am
Bet-Brh Tuesday, November 19th, at 8:15am
Bri-Cal Tuesday, November 19th, at 9:15am
Cam-Coo Tuesday, November 19th, at 11:45am
Cop-Dim Monday, November 18th, at 8:15am
Din-Ej Monday, November 18th, at 2:45pm
Ek-Fq Monday, November 18th, at 2:15pm
Fr-Geq Tuesday, November 19th, at 9:45am
Ger-Hah Tuesday, November 19th, at 3:45pm
Hai-Hh Monday, November 18th, at 11:45am
Hi-Ir Monday, November 18th, at 3:45pm
Is-Jom Tuesday, November 19th, at 4:15pm
Jon-Kat Monday, November 18th, at 1:15pm
Kau-Km Monday, November 18th, at 4:15pm
Kn-Lanr Tuesday, November 19th, at 3:15pm
Lans-Leh Tuesday, November 19th, at 8:45am
Lei-Lov Monday, November 18th, at 10:15am
Low-Manf Monday, November 18th, at 8:45am
Mang-McI Tuesday, November 19th, at 2:45pm
McJ-Mx Monday, November 18th, at 12:45pm
My-Nors Tuesday, November 19th, at 10:15am
Nort-Pd Tuesday, November 19th, at 1:45pm
Pe-Rar Monday, November 18th, at 11:15am
Ras-Rol Monday, November 18th, at 9:45am
Rom-Ser Monday, November 18th, at 1:45pm
Ses-Sim Tuesday, November 19th, at 12:45pm
Sin-Ss Tuesday, November 19th, at 12:15pm
St-Sx Tuesday, November 19th, at 10:45am
Sy-Ux Tuesday, November 19th, at 2:15pm
V-Waq Monday, November 18th, at 12:15pm
War-Wif Monday, November 18th, at 10:45am
Wig-Zz Tuesday, November 19th, at 1:15pm



Juniors (64 - 95.9 credits earned)

If your surname starts with: You can register starting on this day and time:
Aa-Az Thursday, November 21st, at 9:15am
Ba-Bek Thursday, November 21st, at 1:15pm
Bel-Boq Thursday, November 21st, at 10:45am
Bor-Bz Wednesday, November 20th, at 11:45am
Caa-Cax Thursday, November 21st, at 8:15am
Cay-Cn Wednesday, November 20th, at 8:45am
Co-Del Thursday, November 21st, at 12:45pm
Dem-Dz Thursday, November 21st, at 2:45pm
Ea-Ez Wednesday, November 20th, at 1:45pm
Fa-Fot Thursday, November 21st, at 1:45pm
Fou-Gik Thursday, November 21st, at 11:15am
Gil-Grd Thursday, November 21st, at 12:15m
Gre-Hek Wednesday, November 20th, at 10:45am
Hel-Huq Wednesday, November 20th, at 12:45pm
Hur-Kem Thursday, November 21st, at 9:45am
Ken-Krd Wednesday, November 20th, at 3:15pm
Kre-Lea Wednesday, November 20th, at 1:15pm
Leb-Lim Wednesday, November 20th, at 9:15am
Lin-Marh Thursday, November 21st, at 4:15pm
Mari-Mer Wednesday, November 20th, at 2:45pm
Mes-Moq Thursday, November 21st, at 10:15am
Mor-Neu Wednesday, November 20th, at 4:15pm
Nev-Pak Thursday, November 21st, at 2:15pm
Pal-Ph Wednesday, November 20th, at 8:15am
Pi-Rax Thursday, November 21st, at 11:45am
Ray-Rt Wednesday, November 20th, at 2:15pm
Ru-Sd Thursday, November 21st, at 3:15pm
Se-Sl Thursday, November 21st, at 8:45am
Sm-Sx Wednesday, November 20th, at 9:45am
Sy-Tt Wednesday, November 20th, at 12:15pm
Tu-Wd Wednesday, November 20th, at 11:15am
We-Willia Thursday, November 21st, at 3:45pm
Willib-Yd Wednesday, November 20th, at 3:45pm
Ye-Zz Wednesday, November 20th, at 10:15am



Sophomores (32 - 63.9 credits earned)

If your surname starts with: You can register starting on this day and time:
Aa-Ard Wednesday, November 27th, at 2:45pm
Are-Bak Wednesday, November 27th, at 3:45pm
Bal-Beb Friday, November 22nd, at 2:45pm
Bec-Bk Monday, November 25th, at 10:15am
Bl-Bq Tuesday, November 26th, at 8:45am
Br-Bz Friday, November 22nd, at 11:45am
Ca-Cd Monday, November 25th, at 9:45am
Ce-Coe Wednesday, November 27th, at 11:45am
Cof-Cq Tuesday, November 26th, at 1:15pm
Cr-Dat Friday, November 22nd, at 3:45pm
Dau-Dov Monday, November 25th, at 3:45pm
Dow-Dun Tuesday, November 26th, at 1:45pm
Duo-El Monday, November 25th, at 2:15pm
Em-Fir Tuesday, November 26th, at 9:15am
Fis-Fon Monday, November 25th, at 8:15am
Foo-Gak Monday, November 25th, at 12:15m
Gal-Gd Friday, November 22nd, at 2:15pm
Ge-Gq Wednesday, November 27th, at 11:15am
Gr-Gt Friday, November 22nd, at 9:45am
Gu-Hah Tuesday, November 26th, at 11:45am
Hai-Hav Friday, November 22nd, at 1:15pm
Haw-Hh Monday, November 25th, at 1:45pm
Hi-Ht Monday, November 25th, at 9:15am
Hu-Il Tuesday, November 26th, at 2:45pm
Im-Jh Friday, November 22nd, at 11:15am
Ji-Jom Tuesday, November 26th, at 4:15pm
Jon-Kao Tuesday, November 26th, at 11:15am
Kap-Keh Tuesday, November 26th, at 8:15am
Kei-Kk Monday, November 25th, at 10:45am
Kl-Kt Tuesday, November 26th, at 10:15am
Ku-Ld Monday, November 25th, at 11:45am
Le-Lil Tuesday, November 26th, at 9:45am
Lim-Lus Friday, November 22nd, at 9:15am
Lut-Mam Wednesday, November 27th, at 8:15am
Man-Mas Tuesday, November 26th, at 12:45pm
Mat-McJ Monday, November 25th, at 2:45pm
McK-Mei Wednesday, November 27th, at 8:45am
Mej-Mex Monday, November 25th, at 4:15pm
Mey-Mor Wednesday, November 27th, at 10:45am
Mos-Mx Monday, November 25th, at 12:45pm
My-Nd Wednesday, November 27th, at 4:15pm
Ne-Oc Wednesday, November 27th, at 9:45am
Od-Paq Tuesday, November 26th, at 10:45am
Par-Pd Wednesday, November 27th, at 12:15pm
Pe-Pg Friday, November 22nd, at 10:45am
Ph-Pq Tuesday, November 26th, at 3:45pm
Pr-Rac Friday, November 22nd, at 3:15pm
Rad-Rex Wednesday, November 27th, at 1:15pm
Rey-Roc Friday, November 22nd, at 4:15pm
Rod-Rt Wednesday, November 27th, at 1:45pm
Ru-Sar Friday, November 22nd, at 12:15pm
Sas-Sek Wednesday, November 27th, at 2:15pm
Sel-Sht Friday, November 22nd, at 8:45am
Shu-Sj Wednesday, November 27th, at 9:15am
Sk-Speh Monday, November 25th, at 1:15pm
Spei-Stat Friday, November 22nd, at 10:15am
Stau-Stq Monday, November 25th, at 3:15pm
Str-Sus Friday, November 22nd, at 1:45pm
Sut-Tar Monday, November 25th, at 8:45am
Tas-Trn Wednesday, November 27th, at 10:15am
Tro-Uz Wednesday, November 27th, at 12:45pm
Va-Vh Friday, November 22nd, at 8:15am
Vi-Walr Friday, November 22nd, at 12:45pm
Wals-Wik Tuesday, November 26th, at 2:15pm
Wil-Wq Tuesday, November 26th, at 3:15pm
Wr-Yas Monday, November 25th, at 11:15am
Yat-Zd Tuesday, November 26th, at 12:15pm
Ze-Zz Wednesday, November 27th, at 3:15pm



Freshmen (0 - 31.9 credits earned)

If your surname starts with: You can register starting on this day and time:
Aa-Ald Thursday, December 5th, at 11:45am
Ale-Ard Thursday, December 5th, at 8:15am
Are-Barr Tuesday, December 3rd, at 2:45pm
Bars-Bem Thursday, December 5th, at 12:15pm
Ben-Berm Tuesday, December 3rd, at 8:15am
Bern-Bln Monday, December 2nd,  at 3:15pm
Blo-Bot Thursday, December 5th, at 2:15pm
Bou-Bue Monday, December 2nd,  at 9:15am
Buf-Cars Thursday, December 5th, at 3:15pm
Cart-Chq Wednesday, December 4th, at 2:45pm
Chr-Cok Monday, December 2nd,  at 4:15pm
Col-Ct Monday, December 2nd,  at 1:45pm
Cu-Dd Wednesday, December 4th, at 8:45am
De-Din Monday, December 2nd,  at 11:15am
Dio-Ea Monday, December 2nd, at 8:15am
Eb-Erh Tuesday, December 3rd, at 9:45am
Eri-Feq Thursday, December 5th, at 11:15am
Fer-Fos Thursday, December 5th, at 9:15am
Fot-Gaq Monday, December 2nd,  at 2:45pm
Gar-Ger Thursday, December 5th, at 2:45pm
Ges-Goodr Wednesday, December 4th, at 4:15pm
Goods-Gur Tuesday, December 3rd, at 12:15m
Gus-Haq Monday, December 2nd,  at 1:15pm
Har-Heh Tuesday, December 3rd, at 1:45pm
Hei-Hik Wednesday, December 4th, at 8:15am
Hil-Honm Wednesday, December 4th, at 2:15pm
Honn-Hum Monday, December 2nd,  at 10:15am
Hun-Jn Monday, December 2nd,  at 12:45pm
Jo-Jt Wednesday, December 4th, at 9:15am
Ju-Kek Monday, December 2nd,  at 12:15pm
Kel-Kiq Thursday, December 5th, at 3:45pm
Kir-Kln Wednesday, December 4th, at 3:45pm
Klo-Lam Tuesday, December 3rd, at 11:45am
Lan-Led Monday, December 2nd,  at 9:45am
Lee-Lib Tuesday, December 3rd, at 12:45pm
Lic-Lit Monday, December 2nd,  at 11:45am
Liu-Loy Tuesday, December 3rd, at 4:15pm
Loz-Mag Thursday, December 5th, at 8:45am
Mah-Max Thursday, December 5th, at 9:45am
May-Mem Monday, December 2nd,  at 8:45am
Men-Mn Tuesday, December 3rd, at 3:15pm
Moa-Moq Tuesday, December 3rd, at 9:15am
Mor-Mx Monday, December 2nd,  at 3:45pm
My-Ngt Tuesday, December 3rd, at 8:45am
Ngu-Nt Wednesday, December 4th, at 10:45am
Nu-Oq Wednesday, December 4th, at 11:45am
Or-Perr Wednesday, December 4th, at 12:15pm
Pers-Por Thursday, December 5th, at 1:15pm
Pos-Ral Monday, December 2nd, at 10:45am
Ram-Rem Thursday, December 5th, at 1:45pm
Ren-Ror Wednesday, December 4th, at 3:15pm
Ros-Sane Thursday, December 5th, at 12:45pm
Sanf-Shh Wednesday, December 4th, at 1:45pm
Shi-Sik Tuesday, December 3rd, at 2:15pm
Sil-Soq Wednesday, December 4th, at 12:45pm
Sor-Steq Thursday, December 5th, at 10:15am
Ster-Sum Wednesday, December 4th, at 9:45am
Sun-Tanm Tuesday, December 3rd, at 10:45am
Tann-Tol Tuesday, December 3rd, at 10:15am
Tom-Tz Tuesday, December 3rd, at 3:45pm
U-Viu Wednesday, December 4th, at 1:15pm
Viv-War Wednesday, December 4th, at 10:15am
Was-Whz Monday, December 2nd,  at 2:15pm
Wia-Wir Tuesday, December 3rd, at 11:15am
Wis-Yam Wednesday, December 4th, at 11:15am
Yan-Yz Thursday, December 5th, at 10:45am
Za-Zz Tuesday, December 3rd, at 1:15pm