Validation for Returning Students

Any returning student who registered for Fall 2017 classes (not study away) must validate their registration. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Starting August 24, log onto 1600grand, click on the Student tab, go to the “Registration” header and click on “Enter Profile.” There you will see any validation holds you have by clicking on Holds in the top-right; a hold may be from Student Accounts, Health Services, the Registrar’s Office or other campus offices. Contact that office in order to resolve your hold. A more detailed description of the different hold types is available here.
  2. The Registrar’s Office will send an email to all students to inform you that all holds are placed. If you do not have any holds listed on 1600grand at that time, you have automatically been validated for fall–no need to check in with the Registrar’s Office! Feel free to drop and add classes as you need to.
  3. If you do have holds, you must make satisfactory arrangements to clear this hold. Once the Registrar’s Office is notified that you’ve cleared all holds, you will be validated. Validation should be completed the first day of class, Tuesday, September 5. The last possible day to validate is Friday, September 15.  This is also the drop/add deadline.  If you don’t validate by the September 15 deadline, you will be dropped from all of your courses and lose your status as a student.
  4. If you decide not to return for fall semester, you must notify the Office of Student Affairs to arrange for a temporary or permanent withdrawal from the college.
  5. The drop/add deadline is Friday, September 15.   You may declare a grading option through September 29.
  6. INTERNSHIPS for credit:  If you are planning or even contemplating the possibility of doing an internship for credit this semester, you should check in with the Internship Office immediately.  They have a form that signals your intent to do an internship that is required before the drop/add deadline of September 15.

Late Registration

If you did not pre-register for Fall 2017 and need to begin the registration process, come to the Registrar’s Office to obtain a special registration form. You will need to obtain your academic adviser’s signature, the signatures of the instructors of ALL of your courses and clearance from Student Accounts and Health Services. If you were on campus in the spring, you will be charged a $100.00 late fee to register for the fall semester, which is payable in cash or check at the time you register.

Registration or Validation Questions?

Have a change of address? New phone number? You can enter those on 1600grand after going to the Student tab and clicking Update Contact Info. For questions, please contact the Registrar’s Office by phone (x6200), email ( or by stopping in the office located on the first floor of 77 Mac. You must validate your registration on or before the first day of class.