1600grand How to Register — More Detail

  1. Advising. Before you can register for next semester you must meet with your adviser. When your adviser is satisfied that you’ve met your advising obligations, they will give you a PIN (four digits for registering for fall and six digits for registering for spring). You will need the PIN when you begin registering and also to make changes to your registration, so hang on to it.
  2. Start time. Go to the Registration Times page for the term to determine the first time you can register. If your registration start time falls during a class, you should register following your class. You have from that start time until the last day of registration to register and make changes. Once registration ends you will not be able to make changes until the new semester begins.
  3. On the Academics tab of 1600grand, click Enter Registration.
  4. Plan Ahead. If you like, you can create an optional plan. Once your registration start time comes, you can use this plan to skip the step of looking up classes when you’re trying to register.
    • After clicking Plan Ahead, you can click create a new plan.
    • Search for classes and add sections to your plan.
  5. Register for Classes.
    • Once your registration start time has arrived, click Register for Classes and enter the PIN you received from your adviser.
    • Click the Plans tab and add your plan.
    • Click submit in the lower-right to attempt to register for your plan.
    • Review the results to be sure you are in the courses you intended and to add other courses if a planned course has filled, etc.
    • If you did not create a plan, search for courses to add and then submit those added courses in the lower-right.