This is a listing of the registration days and times assigned for the Spring 2018 registration period (November 13 through December 1). Days are assigned by classification — based on credits earned not including the courses for which you are currently registered, starting with returning seniors the first two days, juniors the next two days, sophomores the following three days and first years the four days following. There are no start times on the final day. It’s more of a last chance to change your schedule or get registered for an additional course.

We have to limit the number of students who may begin their registration during any given half-hour increment. This is why you will notice that we divided the alphabet into sections to spread out the number of registrants for that classification (Freshman, Sophomore, … ) by their surname. We threw the alphabet sections into a hat (sometimes, an actual hat) and drew from there. We wanted to make sure that all start days/times were assigned randomly within each classification.


Seniors (96 or more credits earned)


If your surname starts with: You can register starting on this day and time:
Aa-Az Monday, November 13th,  at 8:45am
Ba-Bey Tuesday, November 14th,  at 12:45pm
Bez-Buq Monday, November 13th,  at 1:15pm
Bur-Chd Monday, November 13th,  at 3:45pm
Che-Con Tuesday, November 14th,  at 9:15am
Coo-Dd Monday, November 13th,  at 11:15am
De-Dir Monday, November 13th,  at 3:15pm
Dis- El Tuesday, November 14th,  at 2:45pm
Em-Fir Tuesday, November 14th,  at 11:45am
Fis – Ft Tuesday, November 14th,  at 4:15pm
Fu-Gn Monday, November 13th,  at 11:45am
Go- Hak Monday, November 13th,  at 9:45am
Hal – Hik Tuesday, November 14th,  at 8:45am
Hil- Hum Tuesday, November 14th, at 8:15am
Hun- Jn Tuesday, November 14th,  at 11:15am
Jo- Kim Monday, November 13th,  at 9:15am
Kin- Lag Monday, November 13th, at 10:45am
Lah- Lim Tuesday, November 14th,  at 3:15pm
Lin- Lur Tuesday, November 14th,  at 2:15pm
Lus-Mass Tuesday, November 14th,  at 9:45am
Mast- Md Tuesday, November 14th,  at 10:15am
Me- Mon Monday, November 13th,  at 2:45pm
Moo-Ok Monday, November 13th,  at 4:15pm
Ol-Pes Tuesday, November 14th, at 10:45am
Pet- Pz Tuesday, November 14th,  at 1:15pm
Qa-Rt Monday, November 13th,  at 1:45pm
Ru- Scht Monday, November 13th,  at 10:15am
Schu-Sl Monday, November 13th,  at 12:45pm
Sm-Steh Tuesday, November 14th,  at 1:45pm
Stei-Sz Monday, November 13th,  at 12:15pm
Ta- Tt Tuesday, November 14th,  at 12:15pm
Tu-Wd Monday, November 13th,  at 2:15pm
We-Wx Tuesday, November 14th,  at 3:45pm
Wy- Zz Monday, November 13th, at 8:15am

Juniors (64 – 95.9 credits earned)

If your surname starts with: You can register starting on this day and time:
Aa-Arm Thursday, November 16th, at 10:15am
Arn-Bh Wednesday, November 15th, at 8:15am
Bi- Bt Wednesday, November 15th, at 1:45pm
Bu- Chn Wednesday, November 15th, at 9:45am
Cho- Cq Wednesday, November 15th, at 11:45am
Cr- Dn Thursday, November 16th, at 1:15pm
Do – Dz Wednesday, November 15th, at 10:45am
Ea- Fow Thursday, November 16th, at 2:45pm
Fox- Gd Thursday, November 16th, at 1:45pm
Ge-Grag Wednesday, November 15th, at 3:45pm
Grah- Hak Wednesday, November 15th, at 12:45pm
Hal – Heh Thursday, November 16th, at 8:15am
Hei- Hol Thursday, November 16th, at 4:15pm
Hom- Ir Wednesday, November 15th, at 4:15pm
Is- Kany Wednesday, November 15th, at 8:45am
Kanz-Kn Thursday, November 16th, at 2:15pm
Ko- Ld Wednesday, November 15th, at 2:15pm
Le- Ln Thursday, November 16th, at 3:45pm
Lo- Marr Thursday, November 16th, at 11:15am
Mars-Milk Wednesday, November 15th, at 1:15pm
Mill- Nal Thursday, November 16th, at 10:45am
Nam- Nou Wednesday, November 15th, at 2:45pm
Nov-Paq Wednesday, November 15th, at 10:15am
Par- Petq Thursday, November 16th, at 9:15am
Petr- Reh Thursday, November 16th, at 8:45am
Rei- Rt Wednesday, November 15th, at 3:15pm
Ru- Schn Wednesday, November 15th, at 11:15am
Scho- Shiq Thursday, November 16th, at 9:45am
Shir- Stem Wednesday, November 15th, at 9:15am
Sten- Swn Thursday, November 16th, at 12:45pm
Swo- Tz Thursday, November 16th, at 12:15m
Ua- Wea Thursday, November 16th, at 11:45am
Web-Yang Thursday, November 16th, at 3:15pm
Yao- Zz Wednesday, November 15th, at 12:15pm

Sophomores (32 – 63.9 credits earned)

If your surname starts with: You can register starting on this day and time:
Aa – Al Friday, November 17th, at 11:45am
Am- Bak Monday, November 20th, at 12:15m
Bal- Beh Monday, November 20th, at 11:45am
Bei- Bk Monday, November 20th, at 3:15pm
Bl- Brar Friday, November 17th, at 12:45pm
Bras- Buk Friday, November 17th, at 1:45pm
Bul-Car Friday, November 17th, at 9:15am
Cas- Chd Monday, November 20th, at 9:45am
Che- Chis Tuesday, November 21st, at 10:45am
Chit- Coq Tuesday, November 21st, at 8:45am
Cor- Dak Friday, November 17th, at 2:15pm
Dal- Des Friday, November 17th, at 8:15am
Det- Dx Monday, November 20th, at 10:45am
Dy- Eu Tuesday, November 21st, at 2:45pm
Ev- Fq Monday, November 20th, at 4:15pm
Fr- Garq Tuesday, November 21st, at 10:15am
Garr- Gq Monday, November 20th, at 2:45pm
Gr- Hag Friday, November 17th, at 1:15pm
Hah- Hear Monday, November 20th, at 3:45pm
Heas- Hes Tuesday, November 21st, at 1:15pm
Het- Hod Friday, November 17th, at 8:45am
Hoe- Hum Monday, November 20th, at 1:45pm
Hum- Jn Tuesday, November 21st, at 11:15am
Jo- Kax Tuesday, November 21st, at 12:15pm
Kay- Kh Friday, November 17th, at 12:15pm
Ki- Laq Tuesday, November 21st, at 3:15pm
Lar- Les Tuesday, November 21st, at 8:15am
Let- Lis Friday, November 17th, at 4:15pm
Lit- Magh Tuesday, November 21st, at 4:15pm
Magi- Mcb Monday, November 20th, at 11:15am
Mcc- Mil Monday, November 20th, at 8:45am
Mim- Mon Tuesday, November 21st, at 2:15pm
Moo- Mt Friday, November 17th, at 3:45pm
Mu- Ngt Tuesday, November 21st, at 3:45pm
Ngu- Omn Monday, November 20th, at 9:15am
Omo- Paq Tuesday, November 21st, at 9:45am
Par- Perey Monday, November 20th, at 2:15pm
Perez-Pn Friday, November 17th, at 11:15am
Po- Rd Monday, November 20th, at 1:15pm
Re- Rof Tuesday, November 21st, at 9:15am
Rog- Sak Monday, November 20th, at 10:15am
Sal- Scn Friday, November 17th, at 2:45pm
Sco- Sik Friday, November 17th, at 3:15pm
Sil- Sor Tuesday, November 21st, at 11:45am
Sos- Suk Monday, November 20th, at 12:45pm
Sul- Tg Tuesday, November 21st, at 12:45pm
Th- Tuk Tuesday, November 21st, at 1:45pm
Tul- Wam Friday, November 17th, at 9:45am
Wan- Wg Friday, November 17th, at 10:15am
Wh- Xt Friday, November 17th, at 10:45am
Xu- Zz Monday, November 20th, at 8:15am

Freshmen (0 – 31.9 credits earned)

If your surname starts with: You can register starting on this day and time:
Aa- Aln Thursday, November 30th, at 9:45am
Alo- Anf Thursday, November 30th, at 8:15am
Ang- Az Thursday, November 30th, at 3:45pm
Ba- Bar Tuesday, November 28th, at 9:15am
Bas- Beq Wednesday, November 29th, at 9:15am
Ber- Bom Monday, November 27th,  at 9:15am
Bon- Brn Thursday, November 30th, at 2:45pm
Bro- Cah Tuesday, November 28th, at 4:15pm
Cai- Cas Thursday, November 30th, at 12:15pm
Cat- Chh Monday, November 27th,  at 3:45pm
Chi- Clarj Tuesday, November 28th, at 12:45pm
Clark- Cok Wednesday, November 29th, at 11:15am
Col- Ct Wednesday, November 29th, at 8:45am
Cu- Dek Wednesday, November 29th, at 10:15am
Del- Dog Monday, November 27th,  at 9:45am
Doh- Ec Thursday, November 30th, at 8:45am
Ed- Fd Wednesday, November 29th, at 1:15pm
Fe- Fq Wednesday, November 29th, at 1:45pm
Fr- Ft Wednesday, November 29th, at 3:45pm
Fu- Gh Wednesday, November 29th, at 12:45pm
Gi- Gorg Monday, November 27th,  at 4:15pm
Gorh- Gt Wednesday, November 29th, at 9:45am
Gu- Hak Thursday, November 30th, at 10:45am
Hal- Har Tuesday, November 28th, at 10:45am
Has- Hel Wednesday, November 29th, at 2:15pm
Hem- Hn Tuesday, November 28th, at 8:45am
Ho- Huq Monday, November 27th,  at 1:45pm
Hur- Iz Monday, November 27th,  at 2:45pm
Ja- Jer Monday, November 27th,  at 11:45am
Jes- Kal Wednesday, November 29th, at 10:45am
Kam- Kem Thursday, November 30th, at 11:45am
Ken- Kiq Monday, November 27th,  at 12:45pm
Kir- Krd Monday, November 27th,  at 12:15pm
Kre- Kz Thursday, November 30th, at 9:15am
La- Len Tuesday, November 28th, at 2:45pm
Leo- Lib Wednesday, November 29th, at 8:15am
Lic- Ln Thursday, November 30th, at 3:15pm
Lo- Luf Tuesday, November 28th, at 1:45pm
Lug- Mag Monday, November 27th, at 8:15am
Mah- Marr Tuesday, November 28th, at 11:15am
Mars- Mcv Wednesday, November 29th, at 11:45am
Mcw- Mim Thursday, November 30th, at 4:15pm
Min- Mom Wednesday, November 29th, at 3:15pm
Mon- Mz Monday, November 27th,  at 3:15pm
Na- Nh Wednesday, November 29th, at 4:15pm
Ni- Oe Tuesday, November 28th, at 11:45am
Of- Pam Monday, November 27th, at 10:45am
Pan- Ph Thursday, November 30th, at 1:15pm
Pi- Pok Tuesday, November 28th, at 3:45pm
Pol- Qz Tuesday, November 28th, at 1:15pm
Ra- Reb Thursday, November 30th, at 12:45pm
Rec- Rt Thursday, November 30th, at 1:45pm
Ru- Sb Monday, November 27th,  at 10:15am
Sc- Sem Monday, November 27th,  at 2:15pm
Sen- Shd Wednesday, November 29th, at 12:15pm
She- Sir Tuesday, November 28th, at 12:15m
Sis- So Tuesday, November 28th, at 8:15am
Sp- Stev Tuesday, November 28th, at 2:15pm
Stew- Sv Thursday, November 30th, at 10:15am
Sw- Thol Monday, November 27th,  at 1:15pm
Thom- Tt Tuesday, November 28th, at 10:15am
Tu- Vaq Tuesday, November 28th, at 9:45am
Var- Wam Thursday, November 30th, at 2:15pm
Wan- Wer Thursday, November 30th, at 11:15am
Wes- Wh Monday, November 27th,  at 11:15am
Wi- Wud Monday, November 27th, at 8:45am
Wue- Zz Wednesday, November 29th, at 2:45pm