The listing below is intended to complement the official class schedule. Offerings and mode of delivery are subject to change, but the following represents expected course offerings and mode of instruction, as they are known at this time. Some entries may also include additional notes that may be useful to students in planning their schedule. There are three options for Mode of Instruction: Hybrid, Remote, and To Be Determined (TBD.)

A “hybrid” course would be one where the faculty member anticipates a mix of in-person and remote components. Given physical distancing limitations and that some students will be attending Macalester remotely in the fall, even those courses which will be mostly in-person are listed as “hybrid.”

A “remote” course would involve a mix of solely remote, synchronous and asynchronous components, with the synchronous components being at a fixed meeting time.

TBD: at this time the faculty member has not yet decided on the mode of delivery.

For the most up-to-date version of the course schedule, please see the Fall 2020 Class Schedule.