This is a listing of the registration days and times assigned for the Spring 2020 registration period (November 18-December 6). Days are assigned by classification — based on credits earned not including the courses for which you are currently registered, starting with returning seniors the first two days, juniors the next two days, sophomores the following three days and first years the four days following Thanksgiving break. There are no start times on the final day. It’s more of a last chance to change your schedule or get registered for an additional course.

We have to limit the number of students who may begin their registration during any given 45-minute increment. This is why you will notice that we divided the alphabet into sections to spread out the number of registrants for that classification (First-Year, Sophomore, … ) by their surname. We used a random number generator to assign start days/times within each classification.

Returning First Years

Seniors (96 or more credits earned)

Credits earned do not include courses registered in the current term.
Ab – Ba Tuesday, November 19th,  at 9:30am
Be – Bre Monday, November 18th, at 12:30pm
Bri – Che Tuesday, November 19th,  at 11:00am
Chi – Cr Tuesday, November 19th,  at 2:45pm
Da – El Tuesday, November 19th,  at 3:30pm
En – Ge Tuesday, November 19th,  at 11:45am
Gi – Ha Tuesday, November 19th, at 12:30pm
He – Ho Monday, November 18th,  at 1:15pm
Hu – Ju Tuesday, November 19th,  at 1:15pm
Ka – La Monday, November 18th,  at 11:00am
Le – Lo Monday, November 18th,  at 11:45am
Lu – Mi Monday, November 18th,  at 2:45pm
Mo – Na Tuesday, November 19th,  at 10:15am
Ne – Pa Monday, November 18th,  at 2:00pm
Pe – Pt Monday, November 18th,  at 9:30am
Ra – Ry Monday, November 18th,  at 10:15am
Sa – Sh Tuesday, November 19th, at 8:45am
Si – Ta Monday, November 18th, at 8:45am
Th – We Monday, November 18th,  at 3:30pm
Wh – Zh Tuesday, November 19th,  at 2:00pm

Juniors (64 – 95.9 credits earned)

Credits earned do not include courses registered in the current term.
Ad – Av Thursday, November 21st, at 10:15am
Ba – Bo Thursday, November 21st, at 2:45pm
Br – Chi Wednesday, November 20th, at 2:00pm
Cho – Cu Thursday, November 21st, at 1:15pm
D – Fi Wednesday, November 20th, at 8:45am
Fl – Gl Wednesday, November 20th, at 2:45pm
Go – Han Thursday, November 21st, at 9:30am
Har – Hu Wednesday, November 20th, at 9:30am
Ij – Ka Thursday, November 21st, at 12:30pm
Ke – Ku Thursday, November 21st, at 3:30pm
La – Lo Wednesday, November 20th, at 11:45am
Lu – Mc Thursday, November 21st, at 2:00pm
Me – Nd Wednesday, November 20th, at 11:00am
Ng – Pa Thursday, November 21st, at 11:00am
Pe – Re Thursday, November 21st, at 8:45am
Ro – Se Wednesday, November 20th, at 10:15am
Sh – Sp Thursday, November 21st, at 11:45am
St – Ti Wednesday, November 20th, at 12:30pm
To – We Wednesday, November 20th, at 1:15pm
Wh – Zo Wednesday, November 20th, at 3:30pm

Sophomores (32 – 63.9 credits earned)

Credits earned do not include courses registered in the current term.
Ab – Ar Friday, November 22nd, at 11:00am
As – Ba Friday, November 22nd, at 3:30pm
Be – Bo Friday, November 22nd, at 2:00pm
Br – Ce Monday, November 25th, at 2:45m
Ch – Co Tuesday, November 26th, at 8:45am
Cr – Do Tuesday, November 26th, at 9:30am
Dr – Es Friday, November 22nd, at 10:15am
Fa – Fr Monday, November 25th, at 11:45am
Ga – Gre Tuesday, November 26th, at 12:30pm
Gri – Ha Monday, November 25th, at 12:30pm
He – Ho Tuesday, November 26th, at 1:15pm
Hu – Ja Friday, November 22nd, at 8:45am
Je – Ka Monday, November 25th, at 2:00pm
Ke – Ky Monday, November 25th, at 3:30pm
La – Lie Monday, November 25th, at 10:15am
Lig – Ly Friday, November 22nd, at 2:45pm
Ma – Md Tuesday, November 26th, at 2:45pm
Me – Mi Tuesday, November 26th, at 3:30pm
Mo – Mu Friday, November 22nd, at 12:30pm
Na – Ny Friday, November 22nd, at 1:15pm
O – Pa Monday, November 25th, at 1:15pm
Pe – Ra Tuesday, November 26th, at 11:45am
Re – Sal Tuesday, November 26th, at 11:00am
Sam – Sh Monday, November 25th, at 11:00am
Si – Sta Monday, November 25th, at 9:30am
Ste – Ti Monday, November 25th, at 8:45am
Tk – Vu Friday, November 22nd, at 9:30am
Wa – Whi Tuesday, November 26th, at 10:15am
Wil – Ya Tuesday, November 26th, at 2:00pm
Yo – Zo Friday, November 22nd, at 11:45am

Returning First Years (0 – 31.9 credits earned)

Credits earned do not include courses registered in the current term.
Ab – Am Monday, December 2nd,  at 11:45am
An – Ar Thursday, December 5th, at 2:00pm
As – Bat Wednesday, December 4th, at 2:45pm
Bau – Bi Monday, December 2nd,  at 10:15am
Bo – Bri Thursday, December 5th, at 12:30pm
Bro – Cao Monday, December 2nd,  at 11:00am
Car – Ch Wednesday, December 4th, at 9:30am
Cl – Cu Monday, December 2nd, at 9:30am
Da – Dh Thursday, December 5th at 9:30am
Di – Dy Monday, December 2nd,  at 1:15pm
Eb – Ew Monday, December 2nd,  at 2:45pm
Fa – Fl Wednesday, December 4th, at 8:45am
Fr – Ga Thursday, December 5th, at 10:15am
Ge – Go Tuesday, December 3rd, at 2:00pm
Gra – Gry Tuesday, December 3rd, at 3:30pm
Gu – Har Monday, December 2nd,  at 3:30pm
Hat – Hi Thursday, December 5th, at 1:15pm
Ho – Hy Monday, December 2nd, at 12:30pm
Im – Ju Thursday, December 5th, at 2:45pm
Ka – Ki Wednesday, December 4th, at 10:15am
Kl – Lee Tuesday, December 3rd, at 1:15pm
Leo – Luo Wednesday, December 4th, at 2:00pm
Ma – Mar Tuesday, December 3rd, at 11:45am
May – Mc Thursday, December 5th, at 11:00am
Me – Mi Monday, December 2nd,  at 2:00pm
Mo – My Wednesday, December 4th, at 1:15pm
Na – Ny Tuesday, December 3rd, at 2:45pm
O – Pa Tuesday, December 3rd, at 11:00am
Pe – Po Thursday, December 5th, at 11:45am
Pr – Re Tuesday, December 3rd, at 9:30am
Ri – Ry Tuesday, December 3rd, at 10:15am
Sa – Se Tuesday, December 3rd, at 8:45am
Sh – So Thursday, December 5th at 3:00pm
Sp – St Wednesday, December 4th, at 3:00pm
Su – Th Tuesday, December 3rd, at 12:30pm
Ti – Ve Monday, December 2nd, at 8:45am
Wa – We Wednesday, December 4th, at 11:45am
Wh – Wo Thursday, December 5th, at 8:45am
Wr – Yu Wednesday, December 4th, at 12:30pm
Za – Zu Wednesday, December 4th, at 11:00am