Eligibility and Important Notes

  • Registration is limited to Macalester students:
    • Currently enrolled
    • Fall 2020/Winter 2021 graduates
    • Expected May/Summer 2021 graduates
    • Fall 2020 first-year deferrals
  • Registration:
    • Maximum of 8-credits
    • Audits are not permitted
    • PINs required
  • Visitor/other registration is not permitted
  • ACTC registration is not permitted
  • No student can register for more than 8 credits

Getting Started

Before you register for classes, you will need to obtain your five digit PIN from your primary adviser—this PIN allows you to register for classes beginning at your designated start day and time. PINs will be sent to advisers on Monday, February 22. Instructions on how to register in 1600grand are located at the bottom of this page. For additional registration information, see our Registration Tips and FAQs.

Registration Start Date and Time

Summer 2021 M5 registration begins March 2
Summer 2021 M5 registration ends on March 8 at 4:30pm CST

Classification Earned Credits Start Date and Time
Seniors at least 96 credits earned March 2: registration time-table
Juniors 64 – 95.9 credits earned March 3: registration time-table
Sophomores 32 – 63.9 credits earned March 4: registration time-table
First Year less than 31.9 credits earned March 5: registration time-table

Academic Calendar

See the Academic Calendar for important dates and deadlines:

  • Classes Begin on Wednesday, May 19
  • Add/Drop period is May 19 – May 25
  • Grading option designation is June 21 – July 7

Special Registration

Independent projects (611-614) require the Summer 2021 Independent Project Registration Form. Once you have completed the details with your sponsor, please submit the form to and cc your sponsor and chair for their reply approving the form.

Internship contracts are available at the Internship Office and registrations must be approved by the Director of the Internship Program.

Preceptorship learning contracts are available at the Office of Academic Programs and Advising, and registrations must be approved by the Director of Academic Programs, Ann Minnick.

How to Register–1600grand

  1. Advising: Before you can register for summer M5 you must obtain your five digit PIN from your primary adviser. You will need this PIN during the registration process–be sure to hang on to it.
  2. Start date and time: Go to the Registration Times page for to determine the first time you can register. Your start date is determined by your current classification, based on earned credits. You have from that start date until the last day of registration to register and make changes. Once registration ends you will not be able to make changes until the start of summer M5.
  3. Registration: On the Student page of 1600grand, click Enter Registration, under the Registration header
  4. Plan Ahead: If you like, you can create an optional plan. Once your registration start time comes, you can use this plan to skip the step of looking up classes when you’re trying to register.
    • After clicking Plan Ahead, you can click create a new plan.
    • Search for classes and add sections to your plan.
  5. Register for Classes:
    • Once your registration start time has arrived, click Enter Registration
    • Click Plan Ahead to select and add your plan.
    • Click submit in the lower-right to attempt to register for your plan.
    • Review the results to be sure you are in the courses you intended and to add other courses if a planned course has filled, etc.
    • If you did not create a plan, search for courses to add and then submit those added courses in the lower-right.