Buddhist Chaplain

Weyerhaeuser Memorial Chapel, 113

The fundamental vow we take as priests in the Soto school of Zen Buddhism is to alleviate suffering in the world. The path and continued training leading me to the task at hand include: childhood Sundays in a Lutheran church, 40 years as a working musician, 35 years of meditation practice, an academic background in cultural anthropology, world travel, father of two, founder of a non profit organization and 17 years of Zen training.

I’m passionate about the creative enterprise, energized by the infinite possibility for change and the power of love. I’m motivated to act by the needless suffering so evident. I’m looking / training for the heart, language and resilience necessary to hold lightly all identities that we might open to radical cooperation and respect. I’m focused on articulating ways of spiritual training that honor and allow for cultural diversity while addressing the fundamental obstacles between us, and an even more beautiful world.

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