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These pages are the brainchild of Jon Haveman. If you find these pages useful, we would appreciate knowing who you are. These pages would also benefit from any concordances or data that you would be willing to make publicly available. If you have found these pages useful, or have something to contribute, or have any requests, please e-mail Raymond Robertson. Thanks in advance for your time, interest, and data!


Some of the data are compressed and combined using UNIX utilities. Some of these utilities are avialable for PCs.

  • Tar is a utility that combines many files in one file.
    • Files combined using Tar will generally have ".tar." in their name.
  • Zip is then generally used to compress files.
    • Files compressed using Zip will generally have a ".z", ".gz" or ".Z" in their name.


Penn World Tables


Trade and Immigration Dataset



(Documentation of STATA files refers to the tables in the Appendix of J.Abowd and R. Freeman "Immigration, Trade and the Labor Market" NBER 1991.)


Import Data

Manufacturing Productivity Database

Tariff Data

US Harmonized Tariff Schedule:

§         1999 edition

        • Download: HTS Basic Edition in WordPerfect 5.0 format (1.5MB)


§         1998 edition

        • Download: HTS Basic Edition in WordPerfect 5.0 format (1.6MB)


§         Download: HTS Basic Edition plus First Supplement in WordPerfect 5.0 format (1.6MB)

§         1997 edition

        • Download: HTS file #1 in WordPerfect 5.1 format (1,256,742 bytes)


§         Download: HTS file #2 in WordPerfect 5.1 format (357,063 bytes)

§         1996 edition

        • Download: HTS file #1 in WordPerfect 5.0 format (643,511 bytes)


§         Download: HTS file #2 in WordPerfect 5.0 format (967,718 bytes)


        • Download: HTS file in ASCII format, compressed using UNIX GNUZip. (564,649 bytes)



    • The WordPerfect versions of the data are in a really akward format. I am in the process of improving their read/useability.
    • Please see the web page for the ITC if you need more information.

Download: my own extract of the US 1996 HS MFN tariffs. In ASCII format (262k)

§         1995 edition


Useful Gravity Model Data

  • Distance Measure - provides the Great Circle distance between capital cities. (562k)
  • Contiguity - lists all countries that have a common land border.
  • Languages - lists the primary language for 178 countries.

International Price Data

I have pulled some of the data off of the Bureau of Labor Statistics website and reformatted it. The files that the BLS provides are not very conveniently formatted. I hope that you find these files easier to use.

Last updated: 2/10/96
If you need more recent data, please access the Bureau of Labor Statistics web site.



Goods Classification

·         Rauch Classification of Goods[Revised July 2007!]

    • Download: This file contains a categorization of SITC Rev. 2 industries according to three possible types: differentiated products, reference priced, or homogeneous goods.


      • Description of File
        • Column 1: 4-digit SITC code
        • Column 2: "Conservative" classification
        • Column 3: "Liberal" classification
      • Coding Scheme
        • w=goods traded on an organized exchange (homogeneous goods)
        • r=reference priced
        • n=differentiated products


    • Source: Rauch, James E. "Networks Versus Markets in International Trade," Journal of International Economics 48(1) (June 1999): 7-35.

1997 Commodity Flow Survey


1997 Commodity Flow Survey


  • The public version of the 1997 Commodity Flow Survey data is poorly organized, and difficult to work with.  In this file the data is organized better so that it can be used more broadly.
  • Clic here for a documentation of the data
  • This file is a courtesy of:
    Russell Hillberry
    Research Division, Office of Economics, USITC




Disclaimer: Please note that these data are to the best of my knowledge correct. If you want to ensure their accuracy, you should double check them yourself. If you do double check them and find errors, I would appreciate it if you would inform me. Thank you.

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