Floor Plans

Residence Hall Director

Wayne Glass

Doty Hall Information:

Doty Hall is located on Summit Avenue between Wallace and Turck Halls. Doty Hall was built in 1964.

  • Only first-year students live in Doty Hall.
  • All rooms are single gender.
  • First floor is open to first year students requesting to live in an all-gender community.
  • Second through fifth floors are designated single gender floors.

Bathrooms: The bathroom on first floor is designated  all-gender.  Floors 2 through 5 have one, single-gender bathroom corresponding to the gender designation of the floor.
Laundry Facilities: The laundry room is located on the lower level.
Kitchen: Each floor lounge has a stove, sink, and microwave.
Computer Labs/Internet Access:

  • Wireless internet is widely available throughout campus and residence hall rooms.  Each room also has Ethernet ports for times when students may prefer to use a wired internet connection.
  • Computer labs are located in Doty, Dupre, and Kirk halls.  Computers are also available for general student use in George Draper Dayton Hall and the SOC, located on second floor in the Ruth Stricker Dayton Campus Center.

Lounges: Each floor has two study rooms and a lounge with cable TV. A formal lounge with fire place and cable TV is located on the main floor.
General Room Information: First floor has double rooms. Second through Fifth floors have double rooms and 3 single rooms on each floor.
Room Dimensions: Double: 14’3” x 14’7” ; Singles: 14’3″ x 10’4″ ;
Room Furnishings: Extra-long unlofted twin beds (36″ x 80″), desk, and desk chair. Every room in Doty has a sink.