Residence Hall Director

Doty Hall Office

Where did you grow up?
Spokane, Washington, Montgomery, Alabama and Ocala, Florida

What are your main responsibilities?
I work with the Resident Assistants and students living and navigating Doty and Turck Residence Halls. As a Residence Hall Director (RHD), it is my primary goal/objective to reassure safe, open, and inclusive communities are fostered and maintained. Furthermore, I am passionate about the holistic development of college students and making sure their in-and-out-of-class experiences are educational, fun, and intentional.

What do you love most about Mac?
Macalester College is, by far, an absolutely amazing place to be. Can I say everything? No? Ok. I will pick one thing that I love most about Mac. I love how social justice focused and identity conscious faculty, staff, and students are.

What are your favorite hobbies?
Running, Cycling, CrossFit, Traveling, and Cofee-ing